Love Island week four recap: Grafting, secrets & mischief

Before Casa Amor, there was week four…

Monday, June 24

With a new week commencing, the drama and excitement can only increase! During this first episode of the week, we found out that there was going to be a dumping from the villa, so tensions rose and the grafting games were on!

Maura was still fuming with Tom about what happened minutes before going to the hideaway and had gone upstairs to tell the other girls what had happened, and that they wouldn’t be spending a night there. Tom came running upstairs trying to apologise but couldn’t get his words out – it was no use, and Maura kept shutting him down. Anton also tried speaking to Maura, but she wasn’t having any of it.

Later on in the episode we see Lucie, Anna, Arabella and Maura discussing the situations that Tom has put himself in, and that he can’t go around saying stuff like that. Maura felt like it was right for her to make Tom “grovel” so was asking for back massages, the retrieval of hair brushes and morning coffees. It was very amusing to watch and my personal opinions on Maura changed from this moment on!

Just before the night’s recoupling, Anton pulled Lucie to the side to discuss what was going to happen that evening, and whether or not they should couple up with each other as friends or more romantically. At the recoupling, this was the results:

  • Tommy picked Molly-Mae
  • Curtis picked Amy
  • Michael picked Amber
  • Tom picked Maura
  • Jordan picked Anna
  • Anton picked Lucie
  • Danny picked Arabella, leaving Yewande behind

Tuesday, June 25

At the beginning of this episode, some of the girls were incredibly sad that Yewande had been dumped from the island, but realised everything happened for a reason, and that she could do better than Danny. Danny had a brief discussion with Tom about the situation and where his head’s at, and Danny said he’s got a clear connection with Arabella so wants to crack on.

Not even one afternoon passed before Danny & Arabella kissed, and the rest of the islanders weren’t impressed. They both came over to the bed to speak with some of the others, and Amber’s facial expressions said it all – she was not impressed. One of the girls said: “Our friend hasn’t even been gone for that long, so you guys could have at least waited”.

Danny and Amber continued to have a little altercation with Amber saying that if he wanted to chat about her, she’d prefer him to say it to her face. Tommy called out for Danny, and he came over to speak to the other group of islanders who were sitting on the bed, including Amber, Anna, Jordan, Amy and a few others. Amber said: “Does it look like I’m the type of person to create a problem?”

Danny walked away from the crowd and headed back to the kitchen. Anton, Lucie, Arabella and Danny were looking over at Amber from the kitchen to which she muttered: “Don’t look over here”. She went straight over to the kitchen and confronted them to continue the argument further.

Danny tried to defend himself saying that she could have his word and that if he had a problem, he would tell her. Amber replied with “Your word doesn’t really mean much at this point does it?” – an indirect comment about the situation between Danny and Yewande when he said his head “wouldn’t turn for any other girls in the villa”.

To complete this episode, the islanders played a game called ‘The Sex Game’ with Anton & Lucie as the hosts! On one team there was Jordan & Anna, Tom & Maura and Tommy & Molly-Mae, and they were against Michael & Amber, Danny & Arabella and Curtis & Amy. The aim of the game was to guess estimates to a variety of sex-related questions. Jordan’s team won, but there was no prize.

Michael & Molly-Mae ended up having a brief conversation, and Michael wanted to know the ‘details’ of their relationship so far. She told Michael that they had obviously done stuff in the bedroom, but knew that Tommy was going to be a lot more vocal about it. She was right, and he told Curtis on the roof terrace upstairs!

Wednesday, June 26

At the beginning of this episode there was a funny comment made by Maura in the bedroom stating that there was a new islander, to which she giggled and said “I’m only joking!” I have to admit, that did make me chuckle.

Anna & Maura were both discussing the boys they were coupled up with and Tom spoke to Jordan about his feelings for Maura. He said that Maura was quite cringey, wanted to be the centre of attention and always spoke about sex and wasn’t sure what to do. Jordan also reassured him that he would keep this secret, but he ended up telling Anna, who forwarded the news straight to Maura and left her but with no other choice than to confront Tom about what he said.

To lighten the mood, a game of ‘Online Buzz’ was played, where members of the public sent in tweets about the current Islanders in the villa. Some of the revealing opinions including that Amber had Michael whipped, Anna was “settling for Jordan”, Molly-Mae was only on the show for the £50,000 prize money, and Arabella was buff.

After the tweets, Curtis pulled Molly-Mae to the side and asked her if she did have serious feelings for Tommy, because he was only interested in Molly-Mae, having lost his emotional connection with Lucie near the beginning of the series. She confirmed that she did in fact like Tommy, to which Curtis reassured Tommy of the good news.

Lucie also thought it was the right time to speak to Tommy, a day before the recoupling. She sat him down and told him that she still had feelings for him, but doesn’t want to get in the way of his growing relationship with Molly-Mae. Maura ended things with her and Tom, as she
wanted to couple up with a man, not a boy.

Thursday, June 27

In this episode, Lucie came clean to the girls that she wouldn’t say no to getting to know Tommy better and that we just had to see how things pan out for Tommy & Molly-Mae. They went on their horse date, where it was quite a struggle for Tommy to even get on his little black horse. The two of them were discussing the future of their relationship and were both happy that they were coupled up together.

At the end of the episode, the three voted who received the most votes to stay in the villa were Tommy & Molly-Mae, Anton & Lucie and Michael & Amber, so it was down to the six of them who they were going to dump from the island. Tommy, Anton & Michael had to dump one of the girls in a shock twist, and Molly-Mae, Lucie and Amber had to dump one of the remaining boys!

The girls spoke about each of the boys in turn and thought it wouldn’t be fair to get rid of Curtis, because him and Amy were one of the strongest couples in the villa. They also didn’t want to ruin the potential chemistry between Jordan & Anna. They had to pick between Danny & Tom, and Amber eventually announced that they wanted to dump Tom from the island.

The boys also had quite a difficult decision as to whether they would dump Anna, Amy, Arabella or Maura from the island. They kept Amy and Anna due to the strong connections they had established, and it was therefore between Arabella or Maura who they were going to dump.

When it came down to the final decision, Tommy announced that Arabella was the islander they wanted to dump, mainly because Maura had been on a rocky road in the villa, but made more of an effort to get to know all the boys than Arabella.

Friday, June 28

During this episode, we found out that 12 new islanders were going to be joining the villa! Before this, the six boys were sent out for a “lads lunch” where they discussed the previous night’s decision. Michael pretty much took the lead and said it wasn’t an easy decision, but the one they came up with collectively.

Whilst the boys were at lunch Molly-Mae spoke to Lucie about the situation with Tommy, and didn’t realise that she was still interested in Tommy and that the friendship had to stop in case emotions built up again – and it was Maura who delivered the news to the other girls about packing their bags and heading to Casa Amor! They were welcomed by Caroline Flack and six new hot male arrivals: Ovie, George, Marvin, Daniel, Stevie and Dennon. When they introduced themselves, Maura cheekily said “Hi Dennon”, to which the other girls laughed.

We also saw the six original islanders (Michael, Anton, Tommy, Curtis, Danny and Jordan) head back to the villa to be welcomed with the new hot female arrivals Jourdan, Belle, Maria, Nabila, Lavena and Joanna.

In each of their video tapes before going into the villa, we found out that Ovie showed an interest in Anna, Dennon wanted to get to know Maura better, Maria had her eyes on Curtis, and Joanna was spoilt for choice with Anton & Michael.

Sunday, June 30

The final night to sum up the week’s events so far, where continued to see the guys and girls in both villas ‘grafting’ with each other. There was a game that involved recreating poses with the other islanders, and the Casa Amor villa won by 2 points.

Michael & Joanna had some exciting role play going on, Curtis got a lap-dance from new girl Nabila and Ovie & Anna had to snog in front of the rest of the Casa Amor Islanders!

Jordan & Jourdan were cracking on in the villa, as well as Ovie & Anna who were also cracking on at Casa Amor. Both Amy & Amber were worried about their other halves and were wondering if they would be cracking on with any new girls in the villa.

Dennon also began cracking on with Maura, Lucie took an interest in both Stevie & George so wants to get to know them a bit better, and Belle asked Anton if he wanted to share a bed with her!

Out of respect for their other couples, Tommy, Curtis and Michael all slept outside in the main villa, and Molly-Mae, Amy and Amber also all slept outside as none of them were ready to get to know anyone else!

With the weeks of Casa Amor starting, I am all for the drama, but I don’t want the solid couples to break loose from each other! Until Week 5’s update – thanks for reading!

By Brandon Boyd

Feature image credit: ITV

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