Review: The Grand Tour – A Massive Hunt

Christmas has come early this year for all the petrol loving Grand Tour fans, as their latest special was released a day early.

In case you haven’t seen through Amazon’s extensive advertising, the globe-trotting motoring trio have released yet another special.

Once again, they capture our hearts as they ventured to Réunion and Madagascar in the hopes of discovering hidden pirate treasure.

However this adventure was not without its ups and downs, especially in their selected cars.

Jeremey Clarkson stunned viewers by selecting a Bentley Continental GT as his car for the adventure, which surprisingly handled the unforgiving roads quite well.

James May selected a Caterham Seven, an unusual choice since the sports car is intended for driving around your local racetrack, not through the jungle of Madagascar.

Meanwhile, Richard Hammond selected a Ford Focus RS, which usually is reliable on the streets of the UK, however in Madagascar this was another story.

As for the first time in their adventures a car failed to the point of no repair and they had to leave it behind.

However, their first obstacle appeared almost as soon as the adventure began, when the trio tried to wrap their head around how Réunion is in the South of France.

Despite the tiny volcanic island being 5700 miles further South than the South of France as well as in a different hemisphere.

This means that the flight from Paris to Réunion is the longest internal flight in the world.

Some of the episode’s highlights included May trying to crack the pirate code to discover the treasures location, and how Hammond blocked the islands main road and held up an entire wedding party.

Who could forget how Clarkson decided the best way to scour his section of the beach with the supposed treasure, would be to blow it up with TNT.

Seamen aired December 2019 and The Massive Hunt December 2020, so we can only presume that the next special will air December 2021.

By Laycie Beck

Feature image: Grand Tour Nation

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