Supercell Announces Three New Games Set in the Clash World

Supercell – the developer behind Clash of Clans and Clash Royale – has recently announced the development of three new games based in the Clash world!

The exciting, new games in development are: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. Let’s explore the three upcoming titles in the series.

Clash Quest

Clash Quest: Release date, gameplay, images, items, bosses, more | GINX Esports TV
(Credit: Supercell)

Developed by Supercell’s Helsinki team, this game is a turn-based, tactical adventure game. Similar troops to those found in Supercell’s other Clash games such as the Barbarian, Archer, and the Prince, can be found in this game. They will work in a similar way to how they function in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, so the troop pathing and what units they target will be similar.

The concept is that the player will start with a pre-set army against pre-set defences. Then, if the troops are used up before the defences are destroyed, then the player will lose the match. Players will also have the opportunity to equip different items with additional effects on their troops.

The player can expand the units in their army by exploring the islands that make up the Archipelago, which will be a reward for winning battles.

While players can deploy singular troops like in the other Clash games, combinations of troops will work well to defeat more complex bases.

One new mechanic to the game will be boss fights, something which is not present in the current Clash games.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini: Release date, gameplay, images, minis, more | GINX Esports TV
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Supercell’s new team in Shanghai team has been working on a new, board game-style strategy game using miniatures of the troops from Clash of Clans and Royale games. Players will be fighting other players by placing troops on a board and fighting it out.

In this game players cannot move their troops once they are placed; there is also a strong emphasis on troop placement in Clash Mini, as well as less real-time troop control once the troops are placed.

While the game is intended to be a casual experience, there will be deeper elements to the game than for other players.

The art style of the game is intended to be cutesier compared to the other Clash games, and the troops used will be scaled down versions compared to their Clash of Clans or Royale counterparts.

Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes: Release date, gameplay, images, trailer, more | GINX Esports TV
(Credit: GINX Esports TV)

Clash Heroes – also developed by Supercell Shanghai – this game is focused on players controlling a troop to get through a map filled with enemies. Players will be able to change the troop that they use.

Players will also encounter boss enemies in the game, such as the “Golem” or “Goblin Giant”.

Familiar characters will have new twists to their abilities, whilst also retaining some of their traditional aspects. The game will also introduce new characters to the Clash world.

The adventures themselves will be able to be completed quickly, enabling a quick five-minute play or a longer play should players wish.

Clash Heroes is made with the “Unreal Engine”, making it a new development experience for the team, and highlights the perks of this new gaming engine.

None of these games have a release date. All three are still in early development, so aspects are likely to change. These games will not affect any updates for any of their current games, as they are managed by different teams of people.

Supercell also says that there are other games currently in development that aren’t seen in the Clash universe. With three new games on the way and more in development, what more could you ask for as a gamer?

By Kieran Burt

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