Top five Halloween films to watch in 2021

It’s that time of the year again, when children go out trick or treating, the decorations are out, and people are carving out pumpkins.

But if this year you fancy a night in, tuning in to some of the best Halloween movies, we’ve got your back with a top 5 list of Halloween films to watch that will put you in the Halloween spirit.

5) Hotel Transylvania

Image credit: Sony Pictures Animation

We begin the list with a childhood favourite, Hotel Transylvania.

After an angry mob of humans killed Dracula’s wife in 1895, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) opened a hotel resort exclusively for monsters to keep humans away. When a human discovers the resort and threatens to jeopardize his hotel business, Dracula must do whatever it takes to stop the worst from happening.

The animated film will not leave you frightened to your core, but rather laughing for weeks. It’s an ideal film for those who would rather not watch a horror film on Halloween. With great costumes ideas and all-time favourite Halloween characters such as Frankenstein and Dracula. You can’t go wrong with this film.

4) Get Out

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Next up, Jordan Peele exposes racial issues with a brilliant and twisted thriller, Get Out. The film is quite frankly a masterpiece.

Chris Washington, a Black photographer, is invited to spend the weekend with his White girlfriend and her family in the upstate of New York. What would seem like a simple getaway to meet the in-laws turns into a series of disturbing events which he will never forget.

Get Out falls more under a thriller genre with hints of horror aspects incorporated within it. However, the film will not disappoint when it comes to gruesome scenes and nerve-racking suspense.

3) Edward Scissorhands

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

Next, we have Johnny Depp featuring one of his most eccentric characters, Edward Scissorhands. In the fantasy romance film directed by Tim burton.

In the fantastical land of Suburbia, Edward has been living a solitary life in a ‘haunted’ mansion since the passing of his scientific father, who left him with scissored hand before finishing the hands. After he meets Avon lady peg Boggs, his life is given meaning as he is invited to live with her and her family.

If you haven’t seen this iconic film, it is time. It is a Frankenstein meets Tim burton’s corpse bride type of film. The mixture of fantasy, romance and creepy aspects makes it an exciting movie to watch on Halloween.

2) Halloween (1978)

Image credit: Compass International Pictures

Watching Halloween (1978) on Halloween has become a tradition in itself. As old as it may be, it never fails to set the mood for the season.

Six-year-old Michael Myers is locked up after brutally murdering his 17 years old sister. Fifteen years later, little Michael has grown up to be nothing short of a madman. He escapes from a mental hospital and returns to his childhood town Haddonfield, Illinois to find his next victim.

1) IT: Chapter one

Image credit: Warner Bros

There is just something about IT that gives me Halloween vibe, perhaps the creepy man-eating clown or just the fact that the novel of the same name was written by the master of horror, Stephen King.

The coming-of-age supernatural horror film is set in 1989, where their disturbing encounters unite a group of “loser” teenagers with a killer clown, Pennywise. They agree to stop at nothing to kill the killer clown terrorising their everyday lives.

After watching IT, you will never approach a clown again. The film brings excitement and unsettling scenes to a rich and complex storyline, becoming one of the most entertaining film to watch during the Halloween season.

By Elena Pre-Kouadio

Feature image: Amazon

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