Travis Scott performs in Fortnite

The gaming and music world come together as Travis Scott provided gamers with a historic performance on the infamous gaming platform, Fortnite.

For millions around the world, lockdown has meant many of them have lost their jobs and for those in the music world, they are no exception. Normally at these times of the year, artists would be performing concerts for fans all around the world. However, this is something that will not be done at the moment or anytime soon, so what is the alternative for now?

Well, popular rapper and producer Travis Scott did something a little bit different and held a concert for gamers on Fornite as part of the “Astronomical experience” – streamed by 12.3 million regular Fortnite players around the world.

It starts off with an asteroid crashing on to the ground and then suddenly, we see a giant Travis Scott in all his glory performing Sicko Mode– the chart topper performed with Drake. Through the ten-minute performance gamers appear to be holding mic stands above their heads, bopping to the music whilst they are on fire.

Not only does he perform his most famous hits but he premieres his new song The Scotts with Kid Cudi (which was available to stream after the performance). This was a performance full of out of this world graphics including colourful strobe lighting and even to the point that Scott was literally on fire! (in his performance and appearance)

For gamers, this was a new and exciting performance for them to experience in their gaming adventure. It made it a new way for musicians to perform for their fans who are missing out during lockdown as other artists in the music world have more recently been live streaming performances from their homes.

However, what Travis Scott did takes the idea of virtual concerts to a whole new level and with the amazing graphics available in games now (compared to what they used to be like), it takes the partnership between gaming and music into the future.

Travis Scott’s performance was a god-send for many as it allowed them to enjoy the music they were missing in a whole new platform, even for those that aren’t familiar with the gaming world as another 27.7 million people watched the concert after it was first streamed live on the game.

In some ways, not only does this allow audiences to experience a new type of virtual gig, but it also allows gaming brands and even artists to reach new audiences at a much larger scale that they wouldn’t have had before.

Ultimately, even though Coronavirus is restricting us to doing everything we love, there is always a silver lining to every cloud. This silver lining is the advancement in the gaming world and music as Travis Scott’s live concert in Fornite pathes the way for a whole new gaming experience!

By Katie Green

Feature image: Deadline

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