TV Review: Behind Her Eyes

Based on the best-selling book by Sarah Pinborough, Behind Her Eyes is the number one trending psychological thriller on Netflix. It’s a series full of twists, mystery, and a mind-bending, dramatic ending.

The six-part series Behind Her Eyes – created by Steve Lightfoot – follows the life of single mother Louise (Simona Brown) and her complicated relationship with the estranged married couple Adele (Eve Hewson and David (Tom Bateman).

Shortly after beginning an affair with her Psychiatrist boss David, Louise finds herself becoming close friends with his mysterious wife Adele, with neither of the couple aware that they both have some form of relationship with Louise.

Meanwhile, throughout the series there are numerous flashbacks to the past lives of the mysterious Adele and David and reflects on Adele’s friendship with a man named Rob (Robert Aramayo) who Adele spent some time with at a psychiatric hospital.

As a viewer, you will be placed in different perspectives of the characters. It is somewhat like trying to solve a puzzle from all angles. In each episode you will be left trying to figure out all the clues, yet never solving them until the revelations in episode six. I am still in complete shock over it all!

There are many moments in the episodes which will make you invested into this series, from Louise and Adele’s first encounter, the complications about David – whether he’s the hero or the villain, as well as finding out more secrets about the strange Adele.

This series highlights some stand out performances from Eve Hewson (Adele) and Simona Brown (Louise) as they explore some of the most complex, interesting characters in TV history.

This explosive series is one of the most thought out, intelligent series I have watched in a long time, including a fantastic soundtrack throughout from “Mr Sandman” by SYML, to “Never Forget You” by the Noisettes.

After watching the series, I am now a massive fan of this new series and all I want is more episodes to watch. Even though the plot was solved at the end, all I have been left asking for is more. I highly recommend everybody to watch this series as every viewer will be completed stunned by the incredible ending.

Behind Your Eyes is available on Netflix.

Rating: 10/10

By Jack Proverbs

 Feature image: Digital Spy

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