TV Review: Marriage or Mortgage

A five-star wedding or a five-star house, which would you pick? Netflix’s latest series Marriage or Mortgage sees a range of newly engaged couples who get to make that decision a reality.

This reality TV series takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, where wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes compete against each other to win over newlywed American couples and prepare them for the next chapter in their lives.

The process to the final decision is the main premise of the show, where each couple gets shown three houses as well as three wedding ideas, all of which could be possible potentials for which they can use their savings to splash on. I mean as much as I want a Bella Swan – Twilight wedding, the sensible option is clearly a house. But did the couples have this same mentality? Watch and find out.

What makes the show so appealing to audiences is the excitement beaming throughout. Sarah and Nichole are clearly both experts in their roles, and they have the charisma which holds up reality shows and their interactions with the couples and their huge involvement makes it even more of a pleasure to watch!

Nichole shows some of the best houses available to couples, with one featuring a huge garden for a couple with the most adorable Bulldog, which has made me insist on having one in a few years’ time. As well as Sarah presenting some dream come true wedding options, including a donut wall creation (which I am obsessed with).

Real estate and weddings are two polar opposite industries as both are viewed as some of the most important times and decisions in people’s lives as it involves them taking the next step. Both of these aspects in life formed together in this one show, and it is a genius idea! Viewers will enjoy both aspects individually, and will be thrilled by the bringing of them together.

However, the most savage part was for the couples to choose wedding, as due to COVID-19 those who picked this option had to significant cut down their extravagant weddings. The six months reveal at the end of the episodes showed the true impact on how many plans had to be altered.

The wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life. It establishes the emotional bond with our loved ones, whilst celebrating it in front of your friends and family. However, during a global pandemic this makes it slightly difficult. Those choosing houses got slightly luckier.

A new guilty pleasure to watch and one I would highly recommend for all you wedding fanatics and real estate moguls like yours truly. My simple advice is that if you love reality TV shows which are fun, easy to watch and keeps you on the edge of your sit, then pour a glass of prosecco and join in on this crazy adventure of a series.

Marriage or Mortgage is available to watch on Netflix.

Rating: 9/10

By Jack Proverbs

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