TV Review: Sex Education Season 2

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin”

This quote is my most memorable part of Sex Education’s second season, due to the scene surrounded by it.

Rahim (a French exchange student and a new addition to the show) gloriously stated this to Eric during the Ferris wheel scene, and we cannot deny it had the majority of us all emotional. He told Eric it is about finding beauty in the world. This has to be my favourite scene in Season 2 so far.

The show’s second season dropped on Netflix on January 17 this year and I instantly recall one of my lecturers referring to the release, on the day, during our lecture and I was so giddy to also end up finding out that the director of the first episode of the second season is indeed called – Ben Taylor. Coincidence?

Full of brash but heartfelt moments, Sex Education’s second season certainly takes a lot of bold steps and has a lot to it.

For starters, Otis is finally able to masturbate. I did not see this coming – no pun intended – at all. In fact, he does this probably more often or more noticeably than any other character in the programme, a vibrant contrast than in the first season. This leads to conversations with Eric, who only manages to convince Otis that it is normal.

Whilst so much happens with the original characters, we are introduced to new characters too.

There is Fiona, a classmate of Otis’ whose rumoured chlamydia leads to an outbreak and chaos at the school. Otis helps out after witnessing her being slut-shamed by everyone, including her so called “friends”. Gwen and Martha think that she gave them chlamydia, when in fact – it is a new face called Owen (who secretly cries in the bathroom about it).

Otis too then realises how much he has missed resolving people’s sex live and his sex therapy sessions, but is only willing to continue if Maeve does too. Maeve lets him clearly know that it was her idea and she started it in the first place, but agrees anyways.

Otis’ mum interrupts his headteacher during their parents meeting about the hysterical chlamydia outbreak only to have a scene which quickly reminds of Rupi Kaur’s Ted Talk in a scene inspired by Donald Trump. It is nice to see how nice Maeve Wiley’s character has blossomed as well as her friendship with Otis’ elevated to steady heights, but his relationship with Ola is somewhat rocky.

I was further elated by the fact that Maeve got herself back into school with a little help from her self-written homework that was submitted by other students and successfully highlights the issues with plagiarism in a digital age.

Adam, who is now in the army is later expelled after falsely confessing ownership of drugs that belonged to two of his friends that were masturbating each other.

We are introduced to plentiful scenarios as we are more characters. You will have to watch the programme to find out, but I would like to end off this article by letting you know Sex Education’s second season is in-depth, insightful and takes a deeper journey into its key topics – however many they may now be.

By Zach Omitowoju

Feature image credit: Netflix

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