TV Review: Too Close

ITV’s new three-part psychological drama – starring Denise Gough and Emily Watson – sees a story of twist and turns as a forensic psychiatrist tries to discover the real story of the night that everything went wrong…

The story follows Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) who is set to assess Connie (Denise Gough) a high-profile patient due to driving her car into the river where she nearly killed her own children and is currently up for attempted murder.

However, Connie has no memory of this crime she has committed, so Emma must get down to what really went on that devastating night.

If you an admirer of psychological dramas, then this series is a must for you to watch, as it is full of events that come out from no where when you least expect them. What I love about this series is the story told through the present and the flashbacks. In the flashbacks, we see the previous life Connie lived, which eventually leads to her demise to the night of the accident.

Through these flashbacks we get into the nitty gritty detail of what really happened to Connie, and how she turns from the enemy as she is hateful towards Emma to start with, to us as viewers feeling sorry for her. Denise Gough plays a convincing part that in a way at times makes you scared for her. This is clearly helped by the filming and excellent job that is done with her make up – which she explained in an interview with This Morning that it would take the make up artists four hours to put it on her.

The cast was clearly chosen well as Emily Watson plays an amazing part of Connie’s forensic psychiatrist. There are many layers that we discover to Emma’s character as she deals with her own demons whilst trying to help Connie with her. The way she deals with her own trauma (which you will find out when you watch the series) unravels over the three parts and adds a total new depth to her character that I admire.

There are hardly any downfalls that I can take from this series, but if it was to put it down to one it is perhaps in the first episode as it takes a while to get your head round the plot. However, the point of this series is the more you watch, the more is revealed and the better your understanding will be, so it is not a fault I can hold for long.

Too Close will leave you on the edge of your seat with its endless twists and turns, as well as an excellent cast to watch.

Too Close is available on the ITV Hub.

By Katie Green

Feature image: Hello! Magazine

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