Upload Festival 2020

Although restrictions are now being lifted, we still cannot attend festivals. However, the Upload Virtual Festival is here to not only showcase the arts and culture available across Nottinghamshire, but it is also raising funds for various arts organisations across the county.

The festival runs over two days this weekend on both 27 and 28 June from 2pm until 11pm. Upload will be host to a vary of acts across the three stages including: The Robin Hood stage, The River Trent stage and The Cave. Audiences will be able to enjoy an array of acts including musicians, actors, poets, comedians and even more.

Map for access to the Festival
Image credit: upload-festival.co.uk

So, you are not far away from missing out on the festival experience this year, there is even a fun fair, a gallery and information point if you are a bit confused for where you need to go or be!

For all three main stages, you will be guided by your Virtual Festival presenters from BBC Radio Nottingham including Sarah Julian, Dean Jackson and Arun Verma. If you are not at the stages and choose to look at the fun fair, then your presenter for the day will be Danielle Hall – a presenter and PR account executive.

Some highlights to look out for the weekend festival is some performances by the sponsors including the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Playhouse. Other highlights to not miss include: a vocal workshop with Mark De Lisser on the Cave stage at 2pm on Sunday, a discussion with composer Errolyn Wallen, Graeme Norgate & Ross Tregenza, Dave Scott-Morgan and much more not to miss out on!

What makes this festival great is viewers can experience the arts and culture facilities Nottingham has that some of us may not necessarily know about. Not only are there key figures who talk about their experiences in the arts, but there are many workshops available during the festival for people to learn from.

Presenter Sarah Julian on The Robin Hood stage
Image credit: upload-festival.co.uk

There are even interactive opportunities like games and quizzes to make the festival even more fun from the comfort of your own home.

The cherry on top of the cake for this festival is money is being raised for the arts organisations across Nottinghamshire so they are not affected not only from the ordeal we live in at the moment but so we can keep these arts organisations in our society so they can keep enriching our lives with all what they offer.

The Upload Festival is running from 27 June until 28 June. Free tickets are available on the website www.upload-festival.co.uk

By Katie Green

Feature image: Inspire – Culture, Learning, Libraries

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