ASOS’s latest online feature is your new best friend

Popular online shopping brand ASOS has come to everyone’s rescue of size guide faffing and has launched a new feature called ‘See My Fit’.

This never seen before feature uses AR (Augmented Reality) to provide shoppers a preview of what clothes on their website will look like on different body types.

Currently, this new feature shows previews of a total of 16 models with varied heights and for sizes four to 18, in an attempt to help shoppers choose the best size for them.

With online shopping taking the world by storm, this allows shoppers to take back control over their shopping experience, as most websites have been criticised for using the same, very typical model size.

And this is how it works:

When a shopper selects to view an item available with this feature, they can select to see it on a different model.

Photo credit: ASOS

By clicking on the ‘See My Fit’ feature, they can then select the height and size that they think most matches their own body type. This will promote the website to generate the clothing piece on the opted model.

Photo credit: ASOS

ASOS says, “When a customer selects a model, See My Fit digitally maps the product onto that model in a realistic way, taking account of the size, cut and fit of each individual garment.”

This is a pretty neat tool and is particularly impressive considering that its the first of its kind.

Of course, at the moment it’s in its infancy stages and is only available on a select number of ASOS DESIGN dresses (800) so far, but hopefully it will soon iron out any cracks and be a go-to for a lot of shoppers.

Whilst some people might think that this ‘digitally mapped’ preview isn’t the most ideal way to shop, it is definitely a move in the right direction, allowing shoppers to see what the clothes will look like in real life. Hopefully, this will help to reduce the countless returns and unnecessary fret of wondering if something will be as it seems when it arrives.

The brand has said that the final feature launch will offer models showcasing every size possible, making it one of the most inclusive shopping brands on the market and will hopefully nudge more brands to bridge the gap on size inclusivity.

By Shannon Mountford

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