Bling Empire’s best fashion moments

If you haven’t watched Bling Empire yet, get on it.

The show’s filled with widely wealthy Asian-Americans fun seekers who go all out with parties, glamour and drama in Los Angles and has quickly climbed the Netflix charts.

Kevin Kreider is the program’s central figure, a model who becomes part of the show’s high-society friend group of millionaire and billionaire socialites Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, and Cherie Chan, as well as DJ Kim Lee, hairstylist Guy Tang, and influencer Jaime Xie; think Crazy Rich Asians – just in real-life.

It’s not just the drama that everyone loved – fashion is on the minds of the cast 24/7 and they don’t disappoint so we’ve ranked our top ten favourite Bling Empire fashion moments from the first series.

1. #NecklaceGate

This Louis Vuitton High Jewellery piece caused drama over dinner

In the first episode, Christine wear’s a Louis Vuitton High Jewellery necklace to Anna’s dinner party. However, Anna finds the show-off display “annoying,” making the plan quickly backfire as Christine is moved to the end of the table. We agree with Christine; “More is more” when it comes to jewellery.

2. At home Dior spree

Dior brought their store to Anna’s living room

When you’re one of Dior’s top clients and have money to spend, why go to a showroom when they can bring the showroom to your living room? Kevin got to know how the one percent prefer to shop when Anna ordered a Dior collection to be sent to her home alongside attendants to help try style the pieces and everything on. Who can blame her? Don’t we all want our own personal dressers to help us try on high end pieces? Whilst the closet I’ve ever gotten to Dior is doing an assignment on the brand, a girl can only dream of experiencing this one day.

3. Kane’s shoe wall

Kane Lim showcases his shoe collection on a wall

Whilst you can never have enough shoes, Kane’s display on the wall in his living room comes pretty close. His collection consists of studded Zanotti loafers, spiky Louboutin sneakers and everything in between.

4. BDSM Baddie

It was plastic on plastic on plastic at Christine’s BDSM party

For the BDSM-themed party for her husband Gabriel’s plastic surgery clinic, Christine wore a pastel pink latex dress, teamed with matching gloves and statement diamonds. Somehow Christine made PVC kind of classy, with the botox bar as well as a cocktail bar truly making it a party for the books.

5. Blinged-out birthday

Florent was thrown a diamond themed birthday bash

Anna threw a diamond themed birthday bash for her French best friend Florent, stating “this is to celebrate friends forever, as cheesy as it sounds, and diamonds are forever,” after gifting the Boucheron exec a dazzling diamond bracelet. There was plenty of bling to go around, from Kelly’s headband to Anna’s stacked bracelets and Kane’s glittering watch, the party was a magpie’s dream.

6. Cherie’s LV PJs

Louis Vuitton pyjamas are no expense…

Cherie is definitely one for designer logos, with nightwear being no exception. She pulled it out of the bag with this Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington pyjamas set. 

7. Daring dinner dresses

Dinner is an excuse for a fashion show for the stars of Bling Empire

For a dinner Kevin throws at Keith Ferrazzi’s Hollywood Hills home, the women of Bling Empire go all out with their outfits. Christine’s frothy tutu with a denim jacket and pumps, Kim’s leopard-print cutout dress, Kelly’s sequin jumpsuit and turban, and Anna’s leather blazer with pearls are all a lesson in effortless L.A. eveningwear. However, Jamie was the true star in a pink mutton sleeve dress by Rotate Birger Christensen and massive crystal earrings.

Jamie Xie is an icon in our eyes, with Vogue calling her the “the most fashionable star of Bling Empire”. This dress was no exception.

8. The Oscar de La Renta Feather Dress

Jamie wowed in the feather number

Jamie tried on this incredible look while out shopping with Kane and Kevin. This look is amazing, giving us glamour, class and edge. 

9. Jamie’s Alexandre Vauthier Lame Bow Dress 

This red bow piece was a show stopper

Jamie wore this dress to Kane’s Party, and it’s easy to see why everyone loved it. If you’re wishing you could have your own Jamie Xie moment, you can purchase the gown for a cool $4,490.

10. Flashy finale piece

Cherie stunned in a red Christian Dior number

For the show’s finale, the cast celebrated baby Jevon’s 100-day party. The end of the series was certainly on a high note on the fashion front, from Jaime’s blue feather Attico frock to Cherie’s red Dior gown. 

Overall the fashion looks and moments from the series are ones to remember and we can’t wait to see what iconic looks the cast will bring next series!

By Elysia Tembe

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