Byoma review: Milky Cleanser – The best affordable cleanser that melts away your makeup

Using a cleanser is the first step in any makeup removal process.

Cleansers break down and removes dirt and grim from the face which then prevents clogged pores meaning you have a smooth and glowing complexion.

If you want to simply enhance your skincare routine swapping out micellar water or makeup wipes with a cleanser.

The Milky Oil Cleanser is one of a range of three of Byoma’s Cleansers.

If you have dry skin or prefer oil-based products, then the Milky Oil Cleanser is perfect for you.

I have very sensitive dry skin especially on my forehead and most products break me out or make my skin even more dry, but this cleanser didn’t do either.

So, I’d definitely recommend if you have dry skin and due to it being milky it doesn’t leave a oily residue.

Every time I use it I feel so fresh because it literally melts away my makeup and I never have any left over splotches of makeup on my face, keeping my dry areas feeling moisturised.

Before and after use of product.

It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry at all meaning sometimes, I don’t even bother to moisturise afterwards unless I really feel my skin needs it.

This is how I use it:

– Pump 2-4 drops into damp hands and rub together to activate the milky cleanser

– Massage onto dry skin in circular motions which will lift the makeup

– Use a damp cloth/makeup remover pad (I use the Face Halo makeup remover) to emulsify and rinse thoroughly

Byoma recommend using this in the AM and PM, but personally, I just use it to take off my makeup.

It’s perfect to rejuvenate your skin even after a long make-up free day and you just need a skin pick me up.

It’s made with Byoma’s unique Barrier Lipid Complex, moringa seed oil, olive fruit oil and squalene giving it a natural scent; which personally I prefer because I have really sensitive skin and over-perfumed products always break me out.

These natural ingredients make the milky formula so comfortable to use as it glides over the skin and simply rinses off.

The only negative aspect in my opinion is the price.

On the Byoma website it costs £13.99, but Boots have frequent offers on Byoma products, with 15% or 5% off, usually for advantage card holders only.

Spending over £10 on a makeup remover does feel a bit far-fetched because you can spend £1 on makeup wipes or £5 on micellar water which do a similar job but I would recommend spending extra on this cleanser.

It is definitely worth it as my face has never felt cleaner when using it, and compared to other expensive brands, I do think Bymoa is affordable for it’s quality.

However, as I primarily use it to remove my makeup, I will say it doesn’t remove mascara very well as you have to really scrub at your eyelashes to fully remove it or go over with a makeup wipe.

If you don’t like the idea of a oil-to-milk cleanser, Bymoa also have a creamy jelly cleanser and a melting balm cleanser that I want to try next.

The Bymoa website has a feature that lets you shop by skin concern so you can easily find what products are the best for your skin type.

Author: Lorna McDonald

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