Easy ways to organise your makeup collection

As we’re still awaiting the day that we say goodbye to lockdown – hopefully forever – we don’t really have the chance to put on our slap and get glam.

Apart from going to work (for those working on the frontline), the supermarket or prepping for selfies and zoom quizzes, our makeup is hidden away in a drawer, cramped in a makeup bag or scattered over a dressing table.

As we have a considerable amount of time on our hands, lockdown is a great opportunity to start sorting through your beauty buys. 

Here is a list of 10 ways to organise your makeup. 

Get rid

It’s easy to let unused or unwanted makeup pile up. Bin or hand down to a younger sibling. Don’t waste storage space – especially on makeup that’s expired.

Group products together

There are two ways to do this depending on your collection. 

1.    Categorising each product. 

For example – separate each product and group together all lipsticks, foundations, lip liners, etc. 

2.    Grouping similar products together.

For example – eye makeup would include mascara, eyeliner, brows, and face makeup would include foundation, primer, concealer, blush, bronzer and powder. 

Have a dedicated storage area

Makeup costs money. A lot of money. Look after it – find a space in your bedroom designated to store your makeup (make sure it’s big enough). Not only does this save a lot of time getting ready, you don’t have to worry about misplacing anything. 

Makeup brush holders

Keep your brushes together with a brush holder. Use a leftover jar or used candle – putting decorative stones or crystals at the bottom of the holder will stand you brushes up straight, making them look a lot neater. 

Brush holders help organise and can be used as decor for your room.
Credit: HeavenBecker on WeHeartIt

Drawer organisers 

If you’re one that keeps makeup hidden in a drawer and find yourself rummaging through trying to find the product you need every day, buy yourself an organiser. Different compartments help sort, store and organise your makeup and keeps your drawers nice and neat. We like these from Amazon.

Acrylic organisers 

Makeup organisers for show. A stylish tool that enables your makeup to live outside a drawer without being an utter eyesore. Featuring different transparent compartments, these are the ultimate dressing table essential. 

Acrylic Drawers and boxes allow you to organise makeup whilst seeing where everything it. Credit: ambercloangel90 on WeHeartIt

Palette sorting racks

 Palettes can restrict a lot of storage space being big and bulky. Keep your palettes tucked away in a drawer on a sorting rack so they can be easily accessed, or use one like this to display on your desk.

Makeup cases

Not the little makeup bags you take to work. A glam squad style case – one that will store your entire makeup collection. So, if you have no storage space, don’t stress. 

Rotating organiser

Similar to acrylic organisers, rotating organisers make it easy to grab the products you need and keep everything together in a tasteful manner. 


If you’re one for more drawer and dressing table space, store and organise your makeup on shelves. Still as easily accessible and adds a bit of décor to your bedroom. 

Hopefully our tips and tricks will help you to organise the things that help you feel more put together.

By Chlo Weldon

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