Essential Footwear Not To Miss This Fall

As this autumn looks slightly more normal to 2020 its time to show off your best footwear for the season. There’s a vast array of styles that are proving popular this autumn, so it is best to get prepared to have the essential pieces as part of your wardrobe. This article will be breaking down the pieces you need to get your hands on.

Chunky Chelsea Boot

A classic each year and a boot to invest in. With chunky footwear being key across all styles, it’s worth looking to get a chunky boot. They are perfect for a core collection; the silhouette is easy to style, and it is multifunctional. The main colourway is a classic black, however other popular colours include a khaki or nude shades. Look for a Chelsea boot that has a platform base to give an elevated look. This style can be found in many key high street retailers at an affordable price, look at stores such as River Island, H&M or Zara.

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The Modern Penny Loafers

If you are looking for a way to make a casual look more dressed up, chunky loafers are the one for you. They have a smart appearance, making an outfit look classy and well thought out. These loafers had a prime time in the 50s-60s and have circulated right back round to today, with a more modern chunky appearance. Prada has had a key stance with this trend, the luxurious company has grasped the attention of many with their logo stamped loafer. With growing popularity, the trend has infiltrated down to high street brands at a much more affordable alternative.

These loafers are easy to style, so look at pairing them with a simple pair of jeans for a higher impact look. Or try something new like a tennis skirt (also proving popular, but that’s another story) to give your loafers a chance to shine.

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The Indoor-Outdoor Shoe

A different concept for footwear but proving to be popular in recent months. This includes hypertexture materials, or otherwise recognised as borg or teddy, fabrics that traditionally would not be paired up for going out shoes. Such fabric has been noted across other accessories, including handbags and hats. In footwear its typically seen in slippers, however recently it has been in other styles such as heels and mules. Probably best not to be worn outside when it is raining but a perfect material for comfort outdoors that is different to loungewear. This is a different trend to get on board with, however it can look chic and classy when done right.

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Hiker in a New Form
Not the typical fashion footwear piece, but the hiker style has been translated into trainers by big brands such as Converse and Nike. This is a hybrid combination of hiker boots with trainer to give functional qualities while looking more stylish. These are suitable for everyday wear and have a different twist to standard trainers. One to look out for and likely to continue to grow through the rest of 2021.
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By Lauren Rankin

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