NTU student launches fashion and lifestyle blog in lockdown

There is a new fashion and lifestyle blog on the rise, called Edit. By Elizabeth.

The blog officially launched on May 3rd, and already has 12 published posts, ranging from nutritional advice, and a Q&A with a former member of the Made in Chelsea cast.

The blog’s founder, Elizabeth Price, 21, had been wanting to start her own blog for a while but struggled to find the time. However due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided this would be the perfect time to start a blog. 

Elizabeth has just finished the final year of her Journalism degree at NTU and hopes her blog can become a steppingstone for her to develop her brand.

She also wanted to create a space where small businesses and people in the fashion and lifestyle industries could get free publicity.

Elizabeth said: “I get the chance to meet lots of amazing people in the fashion and lifestyle industry.”

Elizabeth Price, founder of Edit. By Elizabeth Credit: E. Price

Recently Elizabeth has written a post called ‘The life of a final year student’. This article is something many students can relate to, as it highlights the usual student struggles, and shows how they have been amplified by the pandemic.

She said: “I loved writing this post because it came from my first-hand emotions and experiences.

“In the article I expressed everything I have gone through whilst juggling the overwhelming crisis the world is going through and finishing my degree.”

Elizabeth hopes to post two to three articles each week, and also has various guest writers to do specialist articles for her as well. 

One guest writer, Emma Snow, 21 recently wrote a post for her ‘Top Tips on how to stay productive in lockdown’, which has become one of the most popular posts on the website so far.

Although there are only 12 articles published so far, we have plenty more to look forwards to, as Elizabeth revealed she has a collaboration coming up with JEMIMASARA, to talk about their new release of face masks.

But if you can’t until for her next post, you can follow Elizabeth on Twitter @editbyelizabeth and on Instagram @edit.byelizabeth.

By Laycie Beck

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