Savage X Fenty showcases body diversity

Body diversity is a hot topic right now, and we are finally seeing fashion brands begin to recognise its importance on self confidence.

With the Savage X Fenty Vol 2 collection dropping last Friday, it is clear to see that Rhianna is dominating the industry.

The show is available to stream on Amazon

The show offered the most diverse collection of models possibly ever seen in a fashion campaign, and other brands out there have a lot to learn from Rhianna. 

Rihanna had well known faces from the fashion industry modelling the collection, such as Paris Hilton, Bella Hadid and Willow Smith.

We also saw the return of Demi Moore, proving that age is just a number as the 57 year old actress showcased her incredible figure in a plunging bodysuit.

Demi Moore stunned in a plunging bodysuit with fishnets

RuPauls Drag Race finalist Gigi Goode and Allstars winner Shea Couleè also made appearances, showing Savage X Fenty has no problems playing with gender restrictions and aims to break down the barrier of conventional feminine and masculine stereotypes.

We also saw Lizzo, the singer well known for advocating the beauty of all body types, offering a passionate choreography to portray the message of self-love and positivity. 

After the success of the fashion show, streamed on Amazon Prime to ensure the event adhered to Covid-19 regulations, she released her new menswear line on her website.

It was from this that we saw she had not only included gender, ethnicity and age diversity, but had taken this one step further and included a plus size male model.

This has never been seen from a high end fashion brand, and thus it has emphasised the lack of body diversity within the male model industry.

Furthermore, it has sparked a much needed conversation of the acceptance of all male body types.

The show saw the launch of the Savage x Fenty menswear collection

Recently, there has been much talk around female body positivity, and accepting all female body types, but there has been silence on this topic for males.

Body positivity should not be bound by gender constraints, and we should be encouraging men to feel comfortable with their bodies and reject that this is solely a feminine concern and insecurity. 

Rhianna has not only produced a stunning range of lingerie, but has had a massive social impact; by including a vast array of body types, ethnicities and sexualities, she has created an all inclusive community full of positivity and acceptance.

Even with her makeup range, Fenty, Rhianna was praised for the inclusivity of her range of skin shades, showing that this is something embedded in the heart and soul of her brand.

Within her music career, Rhianna has always been recognised for her sex appeal and seductive lyrics and music videos, and it’s clear as her career has grown and grown she has taken these aspects and included them in her business brand for Savage X Fenty. By including such a diverse range of products modelled on such a wide range of models, it really puts emphasis on every single person having the right to feel confident and sexy within their own skin, regardless of age, ethnicity or sexuality. 

Singer Willow Smith joined Rihanna’s all-star line up of models

In an age dominated by social media, influencers and over edited images, it is so important to highlight real bodies in mainstream media.

The diversity of the Savage X Fenty show illustrates the message to young and impressionable people that it’s okay to be yourself, and it eases pressures and demands that are often felt in regards to looking a certain way.

To only see size 0, white female models on catwalks or in fashion magazines is a damaging beauty standard to present within mass media, as the looks are often unachievable naturally.

Finally seeing a fashion show with models representing such a vast array of body types, genders and sexualities, emphasises self acceptance, confidence and love.

By Courtney McLaven

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