The rise in workwear meeting loungewear thanks to lockdown

Everything has moved online, from lectures and seminars to hanging out with friends and family.

This has given us one great advantage over our former in-person day to day lives.

Normally, when we communicate via our webcams or phones, the camera only sees us from the waist up, meaning we can finally look good whilst also staying comfortable, as we only have to get half-dressed.

People are updating their wardrobes for the lockdown by combining the professionalism of workwear with the cosiness of loungewear.

Boohoo is one of many fashion retailers that has noticed an increase in sales of smart tops, like shirts and blouses, and comfortable bottoms, such as joggers and leggings.

Charlotte Byrom, a second-year Law with Psychology student, 21, has recently shopped online with ASOS, TALA, and Urban Outfitters.

She is also one of the many students to take up the smart top and comfy bottom look for online seminars and lectures. 

Charlotte said: “I think if I wore comfy bottoms and a comfy top, I’d maybe look like I just couldn’t be bothered and look a bit lazy.

“So by putting a nicer top on it makes it seem like you care, even if it’s just a bit.”

Pretty Little Thing have added a “joggers and a nice top” section to their website. Credit:

Bea Schofield, a second-year Fashion Communication and Promotion student, 21, has recently shopped at ASOS.

Although she isn’t one of the many people half dressing in their lives, she isn’t surprised that people are combining workwear with loungewear.

Bea said “(if) I get dressed; I will get fully dressed.”

She added: “I think people should do what makes them happy or what they feel comfortable wearing.”

Liz Graham, a second-year Global Studies and International Relations student, 20, feels loungewear and workwear is a great combination. 

She said: “I guess combining the two means you have that productive mindset without spending too much time solely on getting dressed.

“It would be cool if it was normalised outside of working from home.”

It’s important to make the effort for online meetings, seminars, and lectures, as by dressing more professionally we feel more professional.

Getting dressed can help us to stay focused and be more productive as our mind knows it’s time to do some work and not watch TV – even if that just means wearing joggers with a smarter top.

President of the NTU Fashion Society, Katja Vinther, 21, said: “I’ve not quite done the smart top and comfy bottoms, but I have gotten more put together loungewear sets so I’m not just wearing a T-shirt and joggers on calls.”

She also added that she didn’t think it was super necessary for students to look professional on calls, as most students can be comfortable whilst wearing what they would have whilst actually at university.

By Laycie Beck

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