What does Fashion Post Lockdown look like

Something dearly missed the last year is the excitement of dressing up for all those bars we have missed, whether it’s for a bar crawl with your friends, a bottomless brunch or a date night, we are ready to spice our wardrobes once again. The past months have seen us welcome loungewear with open arms but we’re ready for a change!  

After the year we’ve had I believe there will be many changes in the way that people dress and how they shop.

During lockdown we have all had time to work on ourselves and learn to really appreciate who we are and what we do and don’t like; many of us have gained confidence in the way that life is too short to care what others think.

Self-expression has been limited over the last year but with this mentality and new- found confidence we can finally dress how we want to and reflect our true personalities.

Many of us will be looking to save the pennies this season if so then look no further than your own wardrobe, it’s a been a long time since we’ve dug out our Spring clothes and there will be styles that you no longer like or have completely forgotten about!

Recycling and fashion go hand in hand with our approach to a more sustainable world, apps like Depop and Vinted allow us to sell our second-hand clothes to someone who will appreciate them making you a profit and them a new outfit.

Here at Platform, we have our top three key fashion statements to make you stand out from the crowd this spring.

To maintain the comfort we have been enjoying recently , and adding a stylish spin, then mom jeans are the way to go. The baggy leg element prevents us feeling restricted, and a snatched high waist creates the perfect look. As they come in a wide range of colour’s, we are confident you can pair them with anything. The real beauty behind these jeans is you can dress them as much as you want through their versatile material. They work with heels, wedges and trainers, both great for day and night.

The importance of the little things in life has been prominent through lockdown so this is where we appreciate the power of accessories, from eye catching clutches to chunky earrings and decorated clasped belts, creating a collected image to bring your outfit together.

Bright colours such as electric blue and fuchsia pink are here to emphasise our excitement towards this first outing, and they’re here to stay! The real star of the show this season is chartreuse green. All these colours together create an impactful, vibrant look and is the perfect palette for spring.

Several clothing brands have introduced a June 21st section on to their websites to help guide you to find the right outfit for whatever your first outing be.

Spring socialising is back on the cards and I have every faith that there will be a wider and more diverse range of clothing on the high street that gives us the opportunity to change the way we dress for good focusing on the idea of being comfortable but most importantly confident in what we wear.

By Courtney Harrison

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