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Anne-Marie & Niall Horan – Our Song: Review

Niall Horan and Anne-Marie have finally released their collaboration ‘Our Song’ and after listening to it twice, I can happily say I now know it word for word…

It was first announced by both singers on April 8 that the collaboration was to happen, and from then the excitement has built up. Anne-Marie continues her success as one of the leading female singers in the UK pop industry right now, and of course, Mr Niall Horan is one-fifth of a boyband by the name of One Direction. You may have heard of them?

A week before its release, the pair revealed a sneak preview into the song, and I don’t know if it was just me, but this song was memorable from the first note that played. From the preview, it was thought this was going to be a slow and meaningful ballad, but oh boy was I wrong!

As I eagerly waited for midnight to strike, Our Song was hit straight into my search bar on Spotify. The short guitar solo at the beginning gives you just enough time to settle into the song before Horan’s beautiful vocals hit as he sings to us ‘I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me / Sunday mornings, in my own bedsheets.’

In the next few lines of the song, we see Niall describe to us how he has been waking up alone and hasn’t thought of this mysterious girl for days. As you can tell, this song is about a post-break-up situation, with those involved starting to accept that the heartbreak was the right thing to do.

When we come on to Anne-Marie’s part of the song, she begins to sing the same opening lines as Niall’s and shows her side of the ‘break-up’. What I love about this song is how we see these two opposing sides of a break-up and it makes the song relatable for so many people who have been through the same kind of heartbreak.

The accompanying music video was released the same day at 1pm, and it depicts the song and its tone so well. We see Niall and Anne-Marie dressed in some classy attire as they are packing and driving away, on the run from the police. It is not as if I am a Niall Horan stan, but Niall is immaculate in this video – but he always is. Anne Marie looks flawless as always and of course, her vocals accompany this.

This song – despite being about heartbreak – is the perfect anthem for a post-lockdown road trip. To accompany this song, then, turn the volume up and roll the windows down, taking inspiration from Niall and Anne-Marie in the music video.

Ultimately, Our Song is a catchy tune that will definitely be climbing up the charts, as it brings the vocals of Niall Horan and Anne Marie together, a collab we never know we needed.

Rating: 10/10

By Katie Green

Feature Image Credit: Warner Music Group, Major Toms Records, Asylum Records

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