How Formula One is Making Change in the Music Industry

With the rising popularity of Formula One, it is no surprise that the sport has also started to infiltrate other areas of mass culture.

The link between Formula One and the music industry has always been present however it is evident that, more than ever, it is causing more drastic changes.

Grand Prix or Music Festival?

Live music has become an essential addition to the Grand Prix weekend, allowing spectators across the world to enjoy the sound of their favourite artists, as well as the sound of the V6 engine in their favourite teams’ car.

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix particularly showcased the role that popular culture has in the world of Formula 1, with its star-studded opening ceremony welcoming performances from Swedish House Mafia, and Journey.

The ceremony was not just available to enjoy by spectators who were physically present at the event but was also livestreamed to ensure that Formula 1 fans worldwide could become immersed in the experience.

In this case, Grand Prix’s have not just become a celebration of sport, but also of other areas of mass culture, most notably music.

F1 Tracks

Launched in 2019, F1 Tracks is a playlist which unites global music stars with the sounds of F1.

Updated weekly, the playlist is available to fans across Spotify, Apple and Deezer, filtered to four key categories to embody the world of motorsports- Pace, Mechanical, Spirit and Fan.

Selected artists also curate their own bespoke playlists, with the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Martin Garrix and Lewis Capaldi all previously creating new F1 Tracks playlists for fans of the pinnacle of motorsport.

As well as this, Formula One team Visa Cash App RB also display their garage playlist each weekend across their social media platforms, where they ask their supporters to recommend songs to be added.

This essential form of engagement is a crucial way of involving F1 fans by allowing them to express their further interests whilst ensuring they are linked back to the sport.

F1 Tracks Discovery

An initiative which was launched at the 2023 British Grand Prix, F1 Tracks Discovery champions new and emerging talent by giving them the opportunity to perform at Silverstone’s 45,000 capacity music arena over the Grand Prix weekend.

Driving the music of up-and-coming talent to Formula 1 fans is an applaudable strategy, with the dedication of motorsport fans often feeling incomparable to other fanbases.

Therefore, exposing the Formula 1 fanbase to new music and artists is likely to attract an abundance of continued support and loyalty.

Some of the artists who have benefitted from the initiative include Michael Aldag, AntsLive and Only The Poets, who all took to Silverstone’s main stage last July.

In addition, the initiative was backed by a number of the British Grand Prix’s 2023 headliners, including Tom Grennan, Rudimental and Cat Burns, who all highlighted the importance of elevating new talent in the competitive music industry.

Only The Poets performed at the 2023 British Grand Prix as part of F1 Tracks Discovery

(Image Credit: Hannah Adams)

Music From The Paddock

Current Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc established his music career in early 2023, releasing a piano composition titled ‘AUS23 (1:1)’ inspired by his experience at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix.

The Monegasque later released two following tracks, ‘MIA23 (1:2)’ and ‘MON23 (1:3)’, before releasing his first EP ‘DREAMERS’ in February 2023 in collaboration with pianist Sofiane Pamart.

However, Leclerc has not been the only driver to explore the music route in greater depth, with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton featuring on Christine Aguilera’s track ‘Pipe’ in 2018.

With the driver pairing set for success at Ferrari in 2025, Leclerc did not dismiss the idea that himself and Hamilton could collaborate musically in the future.

It is no surprise that much of the success regarding the drivers’ music careers can be partly attributed to their racing careers, with loyal fans showing support within each area that the drivers wish to pursue.

As a fan of both music and motorsports, the link between Formula One and the music industry is one that of great interest.

Ultimately, the cross-section of Formula One and music fans is one that is driving masses of support and success with the partnership likely to bring exciting ventures in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Hannah Adams

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