JLS makes long-awaited comeback with new hit Eternal Love

After eight years, JLS have once again provided fans with a banger with their new single Eternal Loce, proving they have not lost their original sound, with the help of Ed Sheeran.

 The British group announced their long awaited comeback in 2019, announcing a new album and the ‘Beat Again’ tour, however this was put to a halt due to Covid. Now, they can finally go ahead with the tour later this year and are set to release their fifth studio album JLS 2.0 on December 3 2021.

‘Eternal Love’ starts off with a faded voice of one of the boys, where we are eased into the familiar voice of Marvin Humes starting it off on a calm but upbeat tone, singing ‘Talk about our life, people we don’t like / nobody can judge our past, we’ll be alright’, lyrics perhaps he is singing to his wife, former member of The Saturdays Rochelle Humes.

Aston Merrygold follows and brings the romance of the song through even more with the lyrics ‘Just the two of us, baby that’s enough’, making this romantic hit once you can delve into the lyrics on a more emotional level, but also get up and dance too.

The lead up to the chorus is when it starts to pick up pace, giving the chorus the build up it needs and deserves. Then, the chorus hits and it’s time to sing it loud and clear. Just like past JLS hits, they bang it out at the chorus, making this comeback single no less than their past hits.

I’ve always been a big (emphasis on the big) fan of JLS, as I even saw them playing at the embankment ground in Peterborough back in 2010. ‘Eternal Love’ will more than likely be on the lips of everyone sooner rather than later as it will most likely be climbing up the charts soon. It perhaps won’t be one in the clubs as it’s not a dance hit, but it’ll definitely be a single making it on to peoples playlists as people become more and more familiar with the lyrics (which I can happily say I nearly know word for word).

Rating 9/10

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