Little Mix, who have just released the single 'Between Us'

Little Mix coy on breakup rumours in new single ‘Between Us’

Little Mix have released their latest single ‘Between Us’, from their upcoming album set to be released on 12 November.

This song takes you on the journey of the ten years Little Mix have embarked on together and their friendship that has only blossomed in that time.

The harmonies are just sensational and it is going to be a real tear-jerker to hear live during their tour, which starts in April next year.

After a decade together, ‘Between Us’ feels like a more mature version of their song ‘Always Be Together’ from their first studio album, ‘DNA’, as the lyrics refer to their friendship and sister-like qualities.

Little Mix said on Instagram: “This song is extremely special to us. It’s about the last ten years and everything we’ve been through together.

“We’ve had this song for months now and we still get emotional every time we hear it (who knows how we’re gonna get through this one live.)”

‘Between Us’ gained 771,516 streams on its first day of release on Spotify, becoming Little Mix’s second biggest debut for a promotional single.

Rumours have recently circulated in the media that the girl group are set to split up and venture into their own individual projects.

Fans think Between Us could be their last single, as they sing: “When the curtains close and all of the lights go down, safe to say I’ll stay, I will always stick around.”

And they also refer to some of their greatest hits over the last decade: “Remember the day when we finally found our wings? It changed our lives, gave us power to do anything… damn we got history and all these sweet melodies.”

The trio also refer to the recent drama with ex-bandmate Jesy Nelson, who has been accused of black fishing: “We shared every misery, lived every victory, yeah we got synergy, if they hurt you they’re hurting me.”

They also refer to the feud with the lyrics: “We walked through the fire, and as the flames got higher, it made us survivors, yeah it made us fighters.”

I am utterly obsessed with this song – the emotions, the nostalgia it gives off and how it is just the ultimate friendship anthem.

The album Between Us will be released on 12 November, featuring five new tracks plus an accumulation of all their greatest hits for their seventh studio album.

Rating: 10/10

Feature Image Credit: Sony Music, Little Mix

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