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Now That’s What I Call Brexit!

With Theresa May’s 585-page deal facing the full heat of the House of Commons, we thought we would come up with some suggestions to help you create the ultimate Brexit playlist…

Leave (Get Out) – JoJo

What do ‘BoJo’ and JoJo have in common with each other? Surprisingly the former Foreign Secretary has a lot of common ground with the lyrics of the former American teen popstars 2004 debut single.

Instead of singing to a boy who broke our hearts, a Brexiter may share the belief that we need to “Get out, right now”, passionately bellowing at the European Union, “it’s the end of the EU and me”.

I Want to Break Free – Queen

If you’re a Brexiter, you may have felt frustrated at the stagnation that the negotiations have often faced.

Well stress no more and allow the talents of Freddie Mercury to express this for you as the British rock icon vocalises your internal struggle. Echoing your desire to just burst out of Europe, with the Queen Front man’s signature flair.

Lonely – Akon

As we truly venture off into the world for the first time in decades by ourselves, it’s important to remember the partners we are leaving behind.

For Remainers, the EU can feel like a partner whom we still love, but just doesn’t feel the same way. Who better to reflect your struggle than “Mr Lonely” himself, Akon.

I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany

Or maybe you’re excited about this new independent venture as if the EU is your parent dropping us off at University, and we can finally do what we want!

If that’s so, look no further than this 80’s pop classic, as Britain prepares to enjoy some one on one time with the rest of the world.

Rumour Has It – Adele

Feeling confused about the constant game of Whispers surrounding Brexit negotiations and the potential repercussions of the Prime Ministers deal?

Well congratulations, it’s time to unlock your inner Adele, as this 2011 hit gives a catchy way to kick back against the never-ending game of hearsay.

Apologies – OneRepublic feat Timbaland

Now, this is one both sides can get behind. Do you feel that either of the campaigns misled you in any way? Do you feel that the execution of Brexit hasn’t lived promise?

Well sit back and blast out the sombre words of Timbaland and tell the political class that the time for nonsense is over.

My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

For a Remainer, it is easy to feel that Britain is a real titan of a ship about to sink at the Brexit Iceberg. However, this Celine Dion Ballad reminds us that despite all the doom and gloom, and the space that the EU may hold in your heart; “the heart does go on.”

Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake

Are you a Brexiter sick of all these calls for a second referendum?

Then turn up the speakers as JT tells your Remain voting flatmates what you think of their views. Just be wary that if they may have a ‘Peoples vote’ amongst themselves and decide they may reverse their decision to live with you.

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

This absolute brit-pop anthem has seen a real renaissance in recent years. The chorus serves to remind us that it’s healthier to not look at the past with resentment and move on.

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, we need to leave these divisions behind us and let’s all agree to never create a political climate with this much intensity ever again!

Come Together – The Beatles

One thing we can all agree on is that amid all the political turmoil and divisions caused by the referendum, we have lost sight of the fact we as a people have more in common than not.

None of us can ever be satisfied with the weather. We all hate queuing but can’t help but queue for everything. None of us can believe the price of Freddo’s. And the bus driver is a true British hero who must always be thanked.

What better way to remind us to “come together” and face the future as a nation, to in future be more respectful of each other views and not incite division, but discussion than our most iconic, quintessentially British band.

So those are just some of our suggestions to make the ultimate playlist for Brexit; we already know that Theresa May will be dancing along to it; but what makes it onto yours?

By Adam Ridgley

Brexit: Now What?

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