NTU Spotlight: James Burt – Heartbreak High

NTU Spotlight is the newest addition to the music section, where we aim to promote and showcase some of Nottingham’s most talented musicians, especially those who study at NTU…

One student is set to release his second single this later week, and we have been given an exclusive listen.

Thirdyear music performance student at NTU’s Confetti campus, James Burt, 22, is releasing his second single this week.

The single is entitled Heartbreak High and shows off James’ impressive vocal range, paired with atmospheric synths and an 80s style drumbeat.

He said: “Going into this track during the lockdown, I didn’t have the comfort of working in a studio with musicians like I did with my debut single.

“This release taught me how to adapt and develop my skills to produce a song and a music video from home. It also taught me that you can still collaborate with peers and musicians even if you’re not in a studio.”

Despite being recorded out of the studio, Heartbreak High sounds fantastic, and we are expecting big things, as James released his first single late last year, which was named by BBC Nottingham in November as their track of the week.

Image Credit: James Burt

Plus, I was also given an exclusive look at the singles music video, which was also filmed and produced by James.

The quality is amazing and completely transports you back to what I can only imagine the 80s to be like! Complete with lightup roller skates, photobooths and retro technology.

James has been singing since he was a child but only started performing in front of others when he joined Confetti, where he was able to grow his confidence and skillset. He also plays the guitar and is developing his skills on the piano.

His music is inspired by the likes of George Michael and Bruce Springsteen, as well as more modern musicians like Charlie Puth and Harry Styles. All of which are clear influences in his latest singlethat I can’t stop listening to!

James said: “I aspire to any creative or artist who achieves success through dedicating everything to their craft.

“I love seeing people’s passion shine through when they work on something they love.”

Heartbreak High will be released Friday, April 9th, and you can listen to it on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Deezer!

By Laycie Beck

You can pre-save the single here!

Feature Image Credit: James Burt

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