NTU student celebrates in style by releasing latest single

NTU Music Performance student Lucy Crisp, 21, is celebrating her birthday like no other, with her latest song’s release.

Moonlight Skaters was released across major streaming platforms earlier today and is absolutely amazing, although it is very different from her previous music.

Whilst her song Feet was more soulful and reminiscent of Adele, Moonlight Skaters is much more upbeat and definitely something you can dance too.

The song gives off an unmistakable ‘disco’ vibe and shows off her vocals in a whole new way whilst she explores topics of knowing your own worth and staying positive.

Lucy said: “I wanted to create an uplifting track during the times we are all facing, and I had been listening to a lot of 80s music during the lockdown.

“I wanted a song where people could dance to it at any point of the day no matter where they were or what they were doing.”

The cover for Lucy’s brand new single ‘Moonlight Skaters’ (Image Credit: Chloe Burton)

Lucy recorded the song remotely during the current lockdown, and despite the lengthy process of sending audio files forward and backwards to her producer, Ryan Johnson, the quality is still superb.

Although a music video for the song has not yet been released, we can expect to see one in the next few weeks.

Moonlight Skaters will also be played tomorrow on the BBC Introducing show for the East Midlands.

Whilst this is an impressive achievement in itself, it is not the first time Lucy has been featured on the show, as last year she was interviewed by Dean Jackson for her song Feet.

Before starting at NTU, Lucy was a student at the Confetti Institute, and she has been singing and playing a selection of instruments all her whole life.

If you can’t get enough of Lucy, then keep an eye on her Soundcloud account.

She said: “I’ve got another lead up single coming soon that leads on to moonlight skaters, and next month I’m releasing a collaboration track with Kian Tony!”

Moonlight Skaters is available to stream on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud now.

By Laycie Beck

Feature Image Credit: Lucy Crisp

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