Review: Glass Mountain at Rough Trade

The Bradford quartet graced Nottingham’s notorious music venue on February 16th by showcasing beautiful cinematic’s and pure psychedelia

Glass Mountain had a lot to live up to after a high-energy set from their special guests Starwheel. A packed, sweaty crowd were really getting into the band’s 60s, vibe.

However, the crowd did seem to lose engagement after Starwheel’s performance which was very unfortunate to see, especially as you could evidently see how hard the band have been rehearsing for this gig.

With a few technical issues that were out of the band’s control, they opened spectacularly, with pleasing visuals and a roaring guitar riffs from Lewis Johnson-Kellett.

The four-piece teased their sorrowful track “Gin Flows Through My Veins” by asking the crowd to tell them what was the most interesting fact about Notts that they wouldn’t know and the most intriguing answer would win a bottle of gin.

The crowd were reluctant to answer at first, but someone finally plucked the courage and told the Northern band that Nottingham is also known as the colloquial, ‘Shottingham’, which made the band smile and, in a way, wonder where on earth they were.

Glass Mountain at Rough Trade.

My personal favourite track “Ghosts”, taken from their EP “Wow and Flutter”, went down beautifully live and their captivating graphics enhancing their performance.

“Glacial”, was another stand out moment with the introduction of a synthesizer altering the dynamics subtly. The drums thundered in the track thanks to the incredible talent of Jonathan Newell.

Frontman, Harry Hanson repeatedly thanked for the crowd for sticking around which you could understandably see meant a lot of the band.

Although the gig did not entirely work in the band’s favour, they excelled in terms of psychedelic rhythms and pleasing graphics. I hope there will be many more great things to come from Glass Mountain as it is truly deserved.

You can stream “Wow and Flutter EP” here.

By Becky Lumbard

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