Review: Little Mix – Confetti

Little Mix have released their long awaited sixth album, Confetti, to save 2020 as it focuses on finding yourself and moving on with your life from whatever is holding you back…

Songs range from ballads to pop to R&B, showcasing the band’s talented vocals and song writing skills they share with Kamille who co-wrote most of the new album.

Personally, I would say Confetti is a mixture of the Salute and Glory Days albums with its upbeat tunes paired with the power that the Salute album brings.

Co-writer Kamille says fans can expect the album to leave them feeling: “hot under the collar.”

This is the first album Little Mix have done since leaving Simon Cowell’s music label SYCO and there are evident direct references throughout the album: “I don’t do what Simon says.”

Leading up to the album release, the girls released six singles from the album which proved popular with fans.

They teased the remaining six songs on the album in partnership with the Amazon Alexa which revealed the names of each song when fans asked Alexa to: “drop some confetti”

Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne performed on their show Little Mix: The Search a mash-up of the songs Holiday and Touch to celebrate their album’s release.

After nine years, Little Mix want to move away from their teen pop image as Kamille explains: “A big part of that is because the girls aren’t young anymore.

“They are grown women who have their own minds, their own sexual energy. It’s been a journey, having to keep it super PG.”

Songs Nothing But My Feelings and Rendezvous from the new album contain raunchy lyrics about their sex lives: “I know that we will never work out, but if you’re looking for a workout, you should come round”

The girls have always included some PG innuendos in their songs, although their latest album does not hold back.

One song on the album that has been a hit with fans has been Gloves Up which is about staying strong and continuing to fight: “Fight till the day that I die, can’t knock me down and that’s why”

This song reminds me of their 2013 single Salute from their second studio album as it focused on female empowerment, strength and standing together.

Confetti has sold over 31,800 copies in the UK in its first two days and is just 3,000 copies away from being number 1 on the official UK charts. Already the album is number 1 in six countries and is number 3 in the worldwide apple music charts.

The album also features a ballad called My Love Will Not Let You Down which is about supporting someone you love.

Fans have praised the girls for their stunning harmonies and high notes in this song and is another favourite amongst mixers.

Confetti features a little something for everyone and has been released at the perfect time as we have gone into another national lockdown.

This is the type of album that will leave you feeling empowered while dancing around your bedroom singing into a hairbrush!

Without a doubt, Confetti is one of Little Mix’s best albums to date as they appear to have finally found themselves since leaving their old music label SYCO.

Rating: 9/10

By Shannon Samecki

Feature Image Credit: RCA

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