Single Review: Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am

As Billie Eilish has risen to fame with her chilled-out music and array of hair colours, her videos have gotten progressively darker, but this one is an exception…

In her classic baggy apparel, she runs and skips through a shopping centre collecting arms full of food between shaky camera shot dynamics, a refreshing twist on her usual theme.

On the surface, the lyrics seem to discuss an unidentified person trying to become as famous as her and be friends with her; and she’s not interested. However, the song could also be interpreted in a different way.

The lyrics discuss how Billie would rather remain “unremarkable” than have endless articles written about her, and it’s no wonder why. Earlier this year, a photo of the artist wearing a tank top went viral, purely because she was wearing clothing more form-fitting than her usual choices. Online news outlets seemed to make fun of her, pointing out supposed ‘flaws’ about her body, but the support on social media was overwhelmingly positive, with people commenting how she can’t seem to even dress as a normal teenager without being ostracised for it. Personally, I think she may be referencing instances like these in her lyrics.

This is a running theme throughout her career so far, another example being when she removed her shirt at a Miami concert to a spoken performance that she narrated about how her body is viewed by the world: “Is my value-based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?” I was instantly reminded of this moment when I heard the song.

Overall, I think this track is another excellent addition to Billie’s discography, showcasing her lyrical talent and unique music style. A great beat, thought-provoking lyrics but I wish it was a little longer!

Rating: 9/10

By Tyler Archer

Feature Image Credit: Darkroom/Interscope Records

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