Single Review: Jorja Smith – Addicted

Overflowing with delicate but compelling rhythmic energy and her finest vocals to date, the soulful vibrations of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Jorja Smith, are fused together with a blend of jazzy drums and indie-rock guitars…

2020 brought Jorja Smith’s stunning cover of St Germain’s Rose Rouge which perfectly merges hints of soul, jazz and reggae together, the BLM-inspired track By Any Means, and her Popcaan-assisted dancehall hit Come Over, but Addicted is a passionate ballad that returns to the soulful, downtempo R&B sound that Smith first premiered on her beloved debut album Lost & Found. Greatly anticipated, the touching track is about “focusing on wanting the full attention of someone who’s not giving enough (or any) when they should be,” she said in a press statement.

The simplistic guitar, keys, and minimalistic drumbeat take a backseat to Smith’s dominant yet dreamy, seductive yet irresistible vocals. Jorja Smith continues to level up her sound with Addicted being the preface to a new style of music we hear is on the way. This track is proof that during lockdown Jorja Smith has been continuing to develop her art and we can’t wait to hear what’s to come.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has seen the world alter their day-to-day lives and adapt to new ways of doing things, and Jorja Smith’s music video for the emotional Addicted is an encouraging reminder that we’re all in this together. Smith co-directed the visuals with Grammy Award-nominated film director and photographer, Savanah Leaf, the outcome of which she has called “one long video call.” In the light-hearted video, we join Smith at home, where she decks out in playful clothes and proves you can have fun solo.

Jorja Smith really does bring her musical talents to life in Addicted. The gentle vocals, a hint of bedroom-pop, and lyrics that relate to the pains of unrequited love – what’s not to like?! Smith dares her listeners to ebb and flow in a utopian daze through her tranquil melodies, which make Addicted confidently stunning. With Jorja Smith focusing on a brand-new sound, the singer’s debut album Lost & Found is now just a memory, but I don’t think we’re in any position to complain.

Rating: 8/10

By Megan Betts

Feature Image Credit: FAMM

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