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Single Review: LELO – “Breathing”

Leeds solo musician, Ronan Peaker debuts his melancholy, effortless track “Breathing”.

“Dreamy indie pop” is what LELO, also known as Ronan Peaker, describes his track. With a hazy, summer evening vibe to it, “Breathing” identifies the struggles so many people face daily; understanding oneself and making sagacity of this crazy world we live in.

LELO’s vocals are soft and fragile, emphasising pure emotion and experience. The blending of genres with an acoustic guitar and hypnotic beats is relaxing.

Written by Peaker himself and produced by Mickey Dale of Embrace, the track is Peaker’s second release, following his debut EP, “Different Types of Love” which was released back in July 2017.

platform magazine, breathing, lelo, review
“Breathing” is out now.

LELO is an artist that touches upon subjects that will all face on a real and regular basis that sometimes, we all put to the back of our minds.

“Breathing” makes a reference to the relief we experience once we notice what is in fact that we could, should, or want to be doing with our limited, somewhat meaningless time we have here.

You can stream “Breathing” here:

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By Becky Lumbard

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