Single Review: Little Mix – Happiness

Little Mix’s fourth single Happiness was released this week from their upcoming album Confetti, set to be released on 6 November.

The single Happiness is exactly as the title says – all about finding happiness! Specifically, the girls sing about finding happiness within yourself after letting go of someone: “realised from the moment I set you free, I found the love, I found the love in me.”

I love the meaning behind this song as its super positive and upbeat, the kind of song you would start your day with or play when you are having a down day. It also has a strong, catchy chorus that will have you singing 24/7 and as always Little Mix absolutely nail the vocals and harmonies in the new single.

This is the perfect song for 2020 which has been a rollercoaster year to say the least; alternatively, many of us have managed to find ourselves. As the song describes “I’m never gonna lose me again” – the song is like a promise to remain happy with their own lives and focus on themselves.

Another popular hit from Little Mix, Shout Out to My Ex, was released four years ago on the same day Happiness was released and I strongly believe this single will be as successful. This week has been busy for the Little Mix members as they released tickets to their very own LM5: The Movie which is in cinemas from 21 November and have been promoting their new talent show on BBC 1 called Little Mix: The Search where they form different styles of bands.

The girls have teased on social media recently: “So you’ve had something sassy, now something happy… who’s ready for something sweet” – could we be blessed with another single release?

Their latest single is a firm favourite and therefore has to be given a perfect rating from me.

Rating: 10/10

By Shannon Samecki

Feature Image Credit: RCA

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