Single Review: Mimi Webb – Good Without

Rising star Mimi Webb has released her fourth single ‘Good Without’ which is said to the next best break up song alongside Olivia Rodrigo’s award-winning song driver’s license…

Released on Friday 26 March, Mimi Webb’s latest single hit 729 thousand streams in the first day and has reached one million streams 48 hours after its release.

In an Instagram post Mimi said: “Yesterday was my biggest streaming day I’ve had in my career so far!!”

Good Without is written by Mimi about being completely over love and relationships based on her own personal experiences.

The song has a catchy tune with an upbeat tempo which fits perfectly with the lyrics: “If that’s what loves about, then I’m so good without.”

The 20-year-old in an interview with MTV last year said she is influenced by Adele and Amy Winehouse because “she was inspired by their originality and ability to stay true to themselves with their music.”

Mimi gained a huge amount of attention after her TikTok videos promoting her third single Reasons gained popularity; even being played on BBC Radio 1 as best new pop.

With just under 500,000 followers on her TikTok account, Mimi shares song covers and her music career journey with fans. Her most popular videos have been her parents and friends’ reactions to her latest singles while sat in her car giving us all road trip envy as lockdown begins to ease.

This singer-songwriter is definitely one to keep an eye on, keep up the good work Mimi!

Rating: 10/10

By Shannon Samecki

Feature Image Credit: Epic Records

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