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Single Review: MØ ‘Blur’

MØ returns with emotional, nostalgic single ‘Blur’.

Ahead of her upcoming album ‘Forever Neverland,’ the first since her debut four years ago, MØ shares ‘Blur’ — a beautiful and reminiscent track where she describes the constant expectations of having to be creative and the exhaustion that comes along with it.

“This song was almost therapeutic, like writing a song where you actually sing about being a little bit creatively lost,” she told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “I love those songs where you’re just reflecting on exactly how you feel in the moment that you do it.”

It’s quite rare that you stumble across a song that makes you feel so emotional, that all you want to do is dance. Her vocals, similar to the likes of a 90s indie-rock song, next to the electro-pop production show that she is not only capable of successfully merging genres, but that she is also a great songwriter too. “I wanna tell you everything will be fine / But I’m afraid that it’s a waste of your time” she sings on top of rock guitarist Dan Sadin, leading up to a screeching hook so anthemic it’ll give Lean On a run for it’s money.

A year ago, MØ released the six-track EP ‘When I Was Young’ and said in a press release, “These past three years have been a learning process about what’s important, and that’s what this EP reflects.” Blur definitely feels like a solid creative direction for MØ, and one which almost resembles the title track of her EP, so if Blur is anything to go by — it seems as if she has finally found her sound, and she’s more than capable of using it.

By Nick Lowe

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