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This week’s new music top picks

I wasn’t sure why there had been such a lack of music output, but now I’m blaming it on January and February blues because the first day of March has not disappointed…

Below are the highlights of this week’s new music:

Solange — Dreams/Almeda

Solange has surprised-dropped her fourth studio album ‘When I Get Home’ and these two tracks are absolutely divine, featuring credits from Devonte Hynes (Dreams) and Pharrell Williams (Almeda). Dreams is a down-tempo sultry R&B track that’ll have you feeling like you’re ascending to heaven, whilst Almeda refers to the city in Texas where she grew up — in her verse, Solange lists several traits exclusive to black people.

MARINA — Superstar

The second single prior to the release of her album ‘LOVE + FEAR’ showcases exactly what Marina does best, songwriting. She sings: “My love is a planet revolving your heart” — what a lyric. Whilst the verses are subdued, the chorus is bright and buoyant making for an incredible nostalgic banger.

Roosevelt — Falling Back

I’m not actually sure what I did before I discovered the wonderful Roosevelt. Hitting play on his debut album three years ago I remember thinking: “wow… I’ve never heard music as ethereal as this.” His new single doesn’t disappoint — with a wonderful minute-long intro of synth progression — it’s the type of song that feels like summer, happiness and sadness all in one.

2 Chainz (feat. Ariana Grande) — Rule The World

I was quite apprehensive about listening to this track as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be one of those songs where a pop-star feature is thrown on last minute for the hope of higher streams. But, I was extremely surprised and delighted. It has a very breezy and cohesive feel to it — despite belonging to two completely different genres, both of them complement each other effortlessly.

Joe Hertz (feat. Nonô) — Møøn

If you’re a fan of SG Lewis, this guy might just be for you. This track is full of synths, trumpets and all kinds of funk. Bouncy, soulful and fervent as she sings “I’m flying to the moon,” yes it definitely feels like it.

KH & Four Tet — Only Human

Built around a vocal sample from Nelly Furtado’s “Afraid,” this track is an instant club banger.

Tommy Genesis — I’m Yours

Although this track came out two weeks ago, it’s worth talking about. It’s quite hard to believe that this track was a long-forgotten demo that she decided to surprise release on Valentines Day considering how insanely good it is. With afro-swing influence on the production, her sultry and smooth vocals make it bold enough to be a mainstream hit.

Foals — Sunday

No surprise, it’s a very Sunday-feeling track: reflective, dark and moody but nevertheless worth a listen. The track lasts for a lengthy six minutes, however, after a belting breakdown around the three-minute mark, the tempo quickly shifts turning the song into an accelerating and breath-taking rollercoaster.

Sundara Karma — Symbols Of Joy & Eternity

The indie quartet have released their new album which includes this track, probably the most pop-thing they have ever done (and it’s great). The melodies are catchy whilst the production is almost comical and ironic, making it physically impossible to not get up and dance.

Emily Burns — Too Cool

This new wave of Brit-pop forming is amazing, isn’t it? Born in Edinburgh — she writes modern, ambitious and frank pop songs about relationships and revenge. Too Cool is a fresh and honest track with a tongue-in-cheek twist similar to the likes of Tove Styrke and L Devine marking a defining moment in the future of pop music.

Jonas Brothers — Sucker

Yes, you read that right — the Jonas Brothers are back with a new song… and it’s brilliant. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this banger. To put it simply it’s a mid-tempo, catchy song that encompasses elements of pop, rock, R&B and shows how after all these years the boys are still able to curate a relevant sound suitable for mainstream radio.

Ellie Goulding — Flux

Led by a beautiful piano melody, Flux is a stripped-back and reflective track which somehow reminds me of Yours by Ella Henderson with its emotive and raw ambience. This seems to be the most sincere piece Ellie has written since her second studio album Halycon, and if it’s anything to go by her new album is shaping up to be quite a treat.

The Japanese House — You Seemed So Happy

Amber Bain A.K.A. The Japanese House has released her debut album and it’s absolutely stellar. This track is a standout for me — the elements of lush dream-pop, nostalgia and electronica accompanied by her blissful yet doubtful lyrics make it a recipe for an incredible pop song.

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By Nick Lowe

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