Wallis Bird’s latest album HANDS is a futuristic and enchanting sound

The Irish born singer is back with her seventh studio album and expectations are succeeded when it comes to this rising artist.

This album is full of sensational tracks, each of which raise important issues which are difficult to confront from alcohol abuse to improvement.

Wallis Bird leads the album with her passion for music making with her powerful lead “What’s wrong with changing” to get the beat moving.

The dynamic shift in tracks creates a diverse mix within the album, starting with tracks such as “What’s wrong with changing” make you want to dance around in your kitchen, or if you want to sit back and relax during a late-night drive, listening to tracks such as “Dreamwriting” creates a calming environment.

Wallis Bird said: “This new chapter in my life has been about letting go of over-controlling, handing things over to others, being comfortable with my surroundings and colleagues, and knowing I’m understood.”

“I’ll never hide my love away” is a clear standout from the album. The ballad speaks to every listener and entails you to listen to the sombre lyrics.

Self-love is the driver of this new chapter and is prevalent throughout each of the tracks.

Bird’s released six albums since 2007 and this alluring album may be the one to top the rest. It’s the perfect embodiment of humanity and self-expression.

Click here to listen to the brilliant album HANDS by Wallis Bird on Spotify.

By Jack Proverbs

Feature image: Tobias Ortmann

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