Which music stars would you want to be in lockdown with?

So you’re in lockdown, most likely with your family and will only be seeing them for the time being. However, if you could choose any music star to be in lockdown with, who would it be? Here are some Platform’s own Katie Green would choose to be in lockdown with…

Taylor Swift

At 30 years old, Taylor Swift has already won ten Grammys and released six albums. Not only have I grown up with her music (her Red album, one of my favourites), but she is full of courage and wisdom, exceptional traits which I think would come across in conversation with her.

After watching Miss Americana it revealed Swift is an artist who has clearly struggled through her career especially with the media and certain music stars (*cough* Kanye West *cough*), yet she overcame it and proved everyone wrong with her inspirational music and strong will-power.

She has such strong views and I believe conversation with her would be. It would also be great to talk about her music writing process, knowing how she has produced some of the hits I know and love today.


Just like Taylor Swift, I have been brought up listening to Adele. Its not just her music that I appreciate but it’s the fact she comes from a working-class background. She isn’t one of these music stars that forgets her roots, she embraces them.

In the hit that rocketed her to stardom, Hometown Glory – which she only wrote in 10 minutes – she embraces her home and everything she loves about it. Her music repertoire is one I appreciate, so it would be great to talk about her music process.

She also has a great sense of humour and is so down to earth, she would be someone you could not only have a good conversation with but also have a laugh with.

Niall Horan

I will admit, I was – and still am – a total fan girl for One Direction. Some may think that their music has no meaning behind it, but if you were invested like I was and listened to all their albums, you see (or hear) a completely different picture.

Since their “hiatus”, all of them have written music individually and my favourite has got to be Niall’s. After listening to his two albums religiously, it was good to see his own spin on music, and to be in lockdown with him would be a great opportunity to not only talk about his past with One Direction but to get a genuine feel of his love towards music.

After seeing him in countless interviews, Horan is the sort of person everyone can get along with and feel comfortable around. Not only that, but he does some great impressions so in times like this, he could always cheer me up with his impression of Bond…

By Katie Green

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