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Wolf Alice live review – Rock City Nottingham, 15/11/2017

The London band encourage mosh pits and gave Nottingham an enrapturing performance.

The support bands of the night were Superfood from Birmingham and Sunflower Bean from New York. Superfood started off the night with great energy from the very beginning. They had a crowd of enthusiastic fans who jumped around singing along throughout their set which was a great way to start the night. The rest of us got more into it once they played their hits “I Can’t See” and “Double Dutch”. The indie quartet gave off a feel-good vibe and got everyone pumped up for the rest of the night.  

There was a lot to take in as Sunflower Bean hit the stage. The singers of the band Julia Cumming and Nick Kiylen came on in futuristic outfits and their merge of psychedelia and punk was pretty out there but as the set went on it all really came together. Sunflower Bean were a great lead up to Wolf Alice and I’d recommend checking them out. 

Wolf Alice returned to Nottingham with a sell-out night at Rock City. The 4-piece London band are in the middle of an international tour, having released their new album ‘Visions Of A Life’ in late September. They have excelled their already incredible first album by being bolder and braver with this one.  

wolf alice, review, music
Frontwoman Ellie Roswell.

The crowd erupted as soon as they walked on stage and there was an adrenaline rush throughout Rock City when Ellie Roswell (lead singer) got in front of the microphone. Kicking off with Heavenward and Yuk FooWolf Alice left the crowd eager for a night they’ll never forget. Ellie Roswell stunned the audience with her vocal range on tracks from their debut album My Love Is Cool as well as Visions Of A LifeWolf Alice combine delicate harmonies with heavy riffs and executed them perfectly. There’s no doubt that all the fan favourites were played including Don’t Delete The KissesBeautifully UnconventionalBros and Lisbon. The band’s incredible sound was paired with a mesmerising light show. 

Being at the front of the gig was a lot of fun no matter how much I was pushed and shoved around. There were mosh pits every other song that were hard to avoid, as everyone jumped about to their favourite Wolf Alice songs. Band member Theo Ellis told the crowd they were the first to mosh pit at a Wolf Alice gig – definitely a proud moment for Nottingham!

Wolf Alice are a band with a lot of attitude and a lot to say. Their boldness and passion is something that can’t quite be captured in a record, making them a band every fan needs to see live. The energy of all four band members reflected onto the audience and didn’t slow throughout the set. Their personal lyrics resonated with fans as they sang back the words to every song.

Wolf Alice gave Rock City an evocative and stunning performance that won’t be forgotten. 

You can check out Wolf Alice’s new single “Heavenward” here.

By Honor Reilly

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