Alcohol Awareness Week kicks off at Nottingham Trent’s Students’ Union

The university are honouring the official national campaign week with seven days of free and interactive opportunities, all in the name of promoting responsible drinking.

The programme activities, taking place from November 11-17 at the Student’s Union, aim to educate and inform students, enabling them to be more aware of just how much alcohol they consume and the potential repercussions this can have for both their physical and mental health.

The University’s Vice President for Community and Welfare, Liv Broad, said: “It’s really important for us to highlight this week as we know a lot of student life focuses around alcohol and going out. It’s important for our students to know they can get support from us.”

The itinerary begins with a Film Night on Tuesday November 12, from 5-7 pm at the City SU Retreat, to encourage socialisation without the involvement of alcohol. Students can vote for their preferred choice of movie via the SU’s official Twitter page and will also enjoy free Dominos pizza.

Liv Broad explained the importance of drawing attention to the opportunities and services that the SU have to offer: “We want students to know that we are more than just a bar and nightclub and that there is lots of stuff that they can get involved with on all three of our campuses”.

Whilst Wednesday evenings see much of Trent’s student population getting ready for a notoriously big night of drinking at OCEAN, First Base will be handing out free toast from 7-9 pm at The Landing, to remind students of the importance of not drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

Later in the week, Mindfulness and Meditation sessions, held Thursday 14 and Friday 15, will provide students from both City and Clifton campuses with an opportunity to reflect and take a relaxing break from their busy schedules.

The week culminates on with Consent Training at the SU, from 11am – 1pm on Friday November 15. The workshop will examine issues regarding sexual consent and ensure that participants are fully aware of what support is available to any students who are victims of sexual violence.

In addition, all students can help themselves to 25% off any soft drink from 7 pm at City Campus venues The Loft and The Level, all week long.

Many students agree it is important for universities to hold initiatives, like the awareness week, to discuss the dangers of excessive drinking.

NTU Psychology student Chanel MacColl, 21, said: “For some people, coming to University might be the first time they are around alcohol so frequently, so it’s important they understand the impact it has and know how to use it safely.”

Some find themselves worried about the harm that this drinking culture could eventually have on their health.

Katriin Eikin Sein, 20, studying Media with Communications said: “The consequences don’t appear quickly but by the time we graduate university and go on with our lives, we might not even notice how much damage alcohol has done to our bodies and organs.

“It is very good that the university is talking about it openly,” she added.

There are also concerns about the current levels of awareness amongst students.

Regina Eyite 19, studying Psychology with Criminology, said: “I don’t think there is enough awareness at the moment.”

“There’s always information on anti-bullying and mental health weeks but we need to learn the signs of alcoholism and drug addiction and how to help someone with it.”

She added: “It’s so easy to get carried away, to the point where it becomes unhealthy, especially at University”.

For further information regarding support, students are advised to approach he SU’s Information and Advice Service, who provide an impartial service, separate from the university. Located across all three campuses, they can be accessed in person, contacted on 0115 848 6260 or emailed at

To sign up for the week’s events and access the full schedule, visit:

By Mairi Ella Challen

Feature image credit: Pixabay

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