Biden set to control US Senate due to Georgia election win

President Elect Joe Biden is now set to control both the House of Representatives and the Senate due to both of the Democratic Candidates winning the Georgia Senate run-off votes.

This means he will be able to pass his bills more easily through the legislative branch of the US Gvernment.

Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock beat Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler and Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff beat Republican incumbent David Perdue.

The vote was rerun from November because no candidate received 50 per cent of the vote.

In this election however, Raphael Warnock received 50.7 per cent, to Kelly Loeffler’s 49.3 per cent.

Jon Ossoff received 50.28 per cent compared to David Perdue’s 49.72 per cent.

An estimated 4 million people voted in the run-off elections.

This means that the both the Democratic and Republican Party will have 50 seats in the Senate.

The Vice President will have the tie breaking vote however, meaning that Kamala Harris will be able to give Democrats the majority in order to pass bills.

The Democrats also control the other legislative chamber in the US, the House of Representatives.

This is the first time Democrats have control of both chambers since 2009.    

Mr Warnock is Georgia’s first black senator and is the 11th black senator to the US Senate.

Mr Ossoff, 33, will be the youngest member of the current US Senate, a position that Joe Biden used to hold.

This will be a huge below for the Republican Party. It means that they will no longer be able to stop or slow down Biden’s legislative agenda for at least the next two years.

By Kieran Burt

Featured image: Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

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