Coronavirus cases begin to rise at NTU despite Government advice to stay at home

Cases of coronavirus amongst students and staff at Nottingham Trent University are beginning to rise, the latest data shows.

The increase in cases comes despite Government advice for the majority of students to remain home until the middle of February.

According to the university’s own coronavirus case data dashboard, the rolling seven-day figure of cases in students has increased sharply.

Those studying nursing and paramedic, teacher training and social work courses are allowed to return to campus due to the future critical worker role of their degrees.

Data published on NTU’s website says the rolling seven day figure of students reporting confirmed coronavirus cases has risen.

There had been five cases confirmed amongst students in the week leading up to January 8.

Confirmed coronavirus cases had increased to 21 as of the week ending January 6.

Cases amongst students and staff at NTU have begun to rise
Credit: Nottingham Trent University

Cases are also increasing among staff members.

In the seven days leading to January 2 there had been zero confirmed cases of coronavirus.

But cases have since risen to 20 in the seven days up to January 6.

Coronavirus cases peaked at over 1,000 before Christmas
Credit: Nottingham Trent University

It is a significant decrease on the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases amongst the university population last year.

Data released by NTU towards the end of last term showed there were more than 1,000 positive cases within the student community at one point.

As part of the planned return of students, Nottingham Trent University have invited students to take two lateral flow tests three days apart.

A Government spokesperson said: “Students who are not on these courses should remain where they are wherever possible, and start their term online, as facilitated by their university or college until at least mid-February.

“We have previously published guidance to universities and students on how students can return safely to higher education in the spring term.

“This guidance sets out how we will support higher education providers to enable students that need to return to do so as safely as possible following the winter break.

“If you live at university, you should not move back and forward between your permanent home and student home during term time.”

Government advice instructs students to take advantage of these tests if they must return or self-isolate for ten days.

By Matt Lee

Featured image: Olimpia Zagnat

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