Extinction Rebellion launch protest in Nottingham city centre

A climate change demonstration group have brought their protests to Nottingham on the 8th October to encourage action from the local and national governments.

Extinction Rebellion are a non-political climate change activist group that use civil disobedience to provoke action, whose recent protests have seen them glue and chain themselves to government buildings and shut roads in London.

The group claim that action is immediately necessary to prevent further climate and environmental damage from being done.

Organisers of the protests in London say they have three key demands: honesty from the government about the state of the world’s climate, net zero emissions by 2025 and a citizens’ assembly.

Following on from a protest in Derby on 7 October, Extinction Rebellion Nottingham met in Old Market Square at 12:30pm on 8 October to protest for the sake of the world’s climate and to provoke action from local governments.

People could be seen lying on the ground and carrying posters in acts of demonstration.

Photo credit: Jamie Morris

Representatives from the protest group were also handing out leaflets to onlookers and passers-by, spreading their message and urging people to support the cause.

Photo credit: Jamie Morris

By Faith Pring

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