Extinction Rebellion protestors say ‘no students will escape the climate catastrophe’

Activists at the University of Nottingham have called on the institution to ‘inform students of the current climate situation’. 

The protest, which was held in the courtyard of the Trent building this morning (December 5), involved a ‘Sound the Alarm’ die-in. 

This saw protestors lie down on the ground when an alarm was sounded, while a select few held banners and handed out leaflets. 

Mathematical Physics student Trystan Surawy gave a speech calling on the University to take action on the climate emergency. 

Trystan Surawy outside the Trent building at the University of Nottingham

The 22-year-old from Stepney said: “There are no current or future students who will escape the unfolding climate and ecological catastrophe.

“The University should be responsible in informing students of the current climate situation.” 

In an interview with CBJ (NTU) News, Rowan Earlam, 27, said that climate change ‘absolute terrifies’ her.

The PhD student said: “The current government is not doing anything – we need to cut down on our plastic waste and cut our carbon emissions. 

“Small individual changes make small changes, we need huge system change.” 

By Will Corbett

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