Meet Jimmy Chipolata – NTU’s own therapy dog

Meet Jimmy Chipolata – the ever so cute campus dachshund with more than 1,000 Instagram followers.

The tiny pooch is Nottingham Trent University’s resident therapy dog and budding social media star.

Five-year-old Jimmy regularly appears at welfare events helping staff and students with mental health issues.

He also models various outfits depending on the time of year, such as an adorable Santa dog at Christmas and a studious canine with a mortarboard hat and gown for graduation.

Jimmy all dressed up in a Santa hat to celebrate Christmas

The rescue dog has been owned by NTU head of student employability Debra Easter for two years who is delighted with his social media success after setting up his Instagram page.

She said: “It’s great. He has a lot more followers than me and my kids.”

“He has had a huge impact on students and staff.”

“Students are overwhelmed, and we have had a few tears as some students miss their pets from home.”

Jimmy recently attended an NTU craft event to help people who are dealing with mental health problems.

Jimmy is one of Nottingham’s fully registered therapy dogs

Debra was initially approached by a member of academic staff who asked if Jimmy could be used as a welfare dog.

Debra added: “They were doing a student research project with Student Support services about the impact of dogs on stress and wellbeing. He was then asked by the student support team to attend other wellbeing events.”

The dachshund is a fully registered therapy dog and attends other welfare events in the city centre.

By Sam Phillips

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