Nottingham Freshers Wristband and Varsity Bar Crawl postponed due to COVID-19

The Nottingham Freshers committee announced on Saturday, (September 12) that both events have been postponed.

The annual events have now been moved in January, during the week after exams, although this date is “temporary, not set in stone and subject to change” according to the organising committee’s announcement.

All other student events are still going ahead at Bierkeller and other Nottingham venues.

However, the government restrictions prohibit the organiser from running large scale events such as those on the wristband and the Varsity Bar Crawl.

The original tickets remain available for the next rearranged date. If they’re unable to make the new date, the students can either pass it to a friend or sell it to another person.

To receive a refund, the students can email the organiser at

The organiser will be authorising refundst until Saturday 19th September at midnight only.

Fortunately, this announce didn’t put the first-year students off, most of them expressing their excitement for attending these events, even at a later date.

Charley Jonstone-Brent, a first-year Television Production Technology student, 19, said: “I believe that freshers is an event where you get to meet new people and make new friends on different courses.

“It is also an opportunity to have fun. So, even though the event has been postponed, there’s still another chance to do this.”

First year Law student Jamie Carrick, 19, said:”Well the events will still be fun to do at any point in the year.

“It is a shame though that it won’t really be a freshers event as everyone will already know each other.”

However, some students said they would rather ask for a refund.

First year Microbiology student Lewis Kelly, 18, added: “I might go on the rearranged date, but we still need something to do on Freshers week.

“So I’d rather get the refund go to Freshers week using the pass, and then I’ll have the money if I wish to go on the rearranged date.”

By Olimpia Zagnat

Featured image credit: Olimpia Zagnat (modified)

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