Nottingham students upset after City Centre Aldi closure announcement

The Aldi supermarket located on Huntingdon Street, just underneath the Glasshouse accommodation, is due to close tomorrow, August 1.

The German retailer announced that the store, which was popular among students for its low prices, does no longer fit its long-term requirements.

As the supermarket was close to numerous student halls, including The Glasshouse, Miura, Curzon House, and Trinity Square, students were quick to express their frustration towards its closure.

Liana Homjakova, an NTU Journalism student, said: “I’m very displeased with the fact that it’s closing as it was very affordable as a student to go shopping at.

“It was a go-to store for me and my friends so it’s very sad that we will have to find an alternative.”

Another NTU student, Aina María Gil, studying Global Studies and International Relations, said: “This past year has been my first year at university and finding accommodation in a new city that I’ve never been to was complicated.

“After doing my research, I decided that the best place to live was in an accommodation close to Aldi and Victoria Centre.

“I loved having Aldi right next to my accommodation as it was very convenient, so I am upset about it closing.”

The news comes after the Tesco in Victoria Centre has converted from Metro to Express, which led to an increase in prices, making it challenging for students to stay on a budget while grocery shopping in the City Centre.

Regarding the Aldi closure, a spokeswoman said: “We will be closing our Huntingdon Street store on 1st August as the site is no longer suitable for our long-term requirements.

“Our valued customers will be welcome at our nearby Aldi Basford, Daleside Road and Radford Boulevard stores, and all our amazing colleagues will also be relocated to nearby stores.”

Lead image: Shannon Samecki

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