NTU student creates chopping board to help the elderly community

An ingenious gadget to keep older and vulnerable people safe in the kitchen has been invented by a former NTU student.

Recent NTU product design graduate, Ryan Crosbie, 22, came up with the idea to create a chopping board with magnetised grips after watching how his grandmother struggled to cut vegetables and suffered from cuts.

After researching the market, he identified “a clear need to ensure a safer chopping experience”, and he was surprised to discover that sight and dexterity problems did not have a product solution.

Ryan said: “I created my safe chopping board solution ‘Chop’ as one of my degree projects during my final year at university.

“The project lasted for 10 weeks which consisted of multiple developments to reach the final form.”

Ryan Crosbie, 22, designed this gadget after seeing his grandmother struggling in the kitchen. (Credit: Ryan Crosbie)

The safe chopping board he created has magnetised grips which slide along a magnetic strip and allow the user to hold the items they want to chop and protect their hands.

There are also bold colourful lines on the chopping board to act as a visual aid to help the user position their knife.

Ryan said: “I’m really pleased with the positive feedback the product is receiving.

“This positivity is a key driver behind my desire to commercialise the product and help the target consumer with a very real problem in the kitchen.”

He added: “Throughout my studies at NTU I have developed a variety of design skills which I hope to transfer and further enhance in the industry.

This product will aim to help the elderly and vulnerable in the kitchen. (Credit: Ryan Crosbie)

“I’ve been given opportunities which have enabled me to grow as both a designer and an individual.” 

After graduating in July earlier this year, Ryan is now ready to start his career in the design industry and is actively seeking a product design graduate role.

By Laycie Beck

Featured image credit: Ryan Crosbie

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