NTU to offer support to Afghan students

Nottingham Trent University has issued a statement on how it will support students from Afghanistan who are encountering increased difficulty.

This comes as the Taliban took control of the Western-back Afghanistan government, seizing the capital city of Kabul on August 15.

Kabul fell as Western forces evacuated the country.

On September 6, the Taliban said they captured Panjshir Valley, the last stronghold of resistance to their rule.

They raised their flag in front of the provincial government’s office. 

An NTU spokesperson told Platform Magazine: NTU has a very small number of students from Afghanistan. 

“Student support advisers and colleagues in relevant academic schools will be contacting these students individually to offer advice regarding any academic, wellbeing and financial support which may be available to them.”

The UK government has announced an Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme, to take in refugees from the country.

The government has committed to allowing up to 20,000 Afghan refugees into the UK in the coming years, with 5,000 being accepted in the first year.

They will be granted “indefinite leave to remain”.

The eligibility requirements will be published in due course.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, these will include: “Afghans who contributed to civil society or who face a particular risk from the Taliban, for example, because of their role in standing up for democracy, and human rights or because of their gender and sexuality or religion.”

As the scheme is not open yet, the government urges people to regularly check the guidance on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/afghan-citizens-resettlement-scheme.

Lead image: Platform Magazine (inset: The U.S. Army)

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