NTU to waive rent fees for university-owned accommodation during lockdown period

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has announced that students not staying in their accommodation provided by UPP Halls and NTU will not have pay rent for the lockdown period.

The announcement states that if they are not occupying their residence from Monday, January 4 up to and including Saturday, February 21 their rent will not be charged.

This news is to reflect the ongoing nature of the pandemic.

Students last week launched a rent strike to pressure the university to take action.

Co-organiser of the campaign Lewis Tibbs, said: “We welcome the university’s decision to do the right thing and waive fees for students in university over the course over the course of lockdown.

“However, this is not good enough.

“Many students in private accommodations are still unfairly forced to pay their rent.

“NTU endorses some of these private providers like The Glasshouse and Nottingham Square – to students and even allows them to book accommodations via their website

“NTU must pressure private providers to do the right thing and provide students with a fair and appropriate rent reduction.

“We also still have two of our demands yet to be addressed – no penalty contract releases and a 40 per cent fee reduction for all students across the entire year.

“We will keep pushing”

Students must use the NTU and UPP Halls Rent Reduction form to notify the university if their accommodation is unoccupied.

The Home at Halls app has a section where it will be required to be sign out of the accommodation.

The form can be found on the NTU website.

The NTU and UPP Halls of Residence that are reducing rent fees are: Blenheim, Bramley Cottages, Brackenhurst, Byron Residence, College Drive, Gill Street North, Gill Street South, Hampden Hall, Meridian Court, New Hall, Norton Court, Peverell, Sandby, Simpsons and The Maltings.

Students living on Brackenhurst, College Drive and Bramley Cottage will have to fill out an additional form in order to notify the university of their absence.

If the accommodation is occupied, the rent reduction will not apply.

Students have up to the Friday, January 22 to complete the form, otherwise the full rent will be charged.

NTU and NTSU will contact private providers and landlords in order provide support for students in private accommodation.

However, the university is not able to make decisions for the landlords and private providers.

If students live in private accommodation, they should contact their landlord or provider about their contracts.

By Kieran Burt

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