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New gym set to build upon US success with site near Nottingham Castle

Nottingham residents looking to burn off any pounds gained over lockdown will have a new gym to choose from.

Following on from success in the US, Orangetheory Fitness are opening a new gym on Castle Bridge Road in Nottingham.

The Florida-originated exercise company, which also has studios in Derby and Manchester, will open their Nottingham site on June 11.

Inside the Nottingham centre, Orangetheory members will have access to a new gym experience using technology and coaches to push users to their best. 

Jason Zavasnik, director of franchise development, said Orangetheory gyms provide a much more detailed workout package to their customers in comparison to other companies..

He said: “At other gyms, you’re paying for access and you’d have to pay additional for personal training.  

“Whereas here you come and you’re going to be guided by a coach and have personalised group training.

“The coaches are going to know your names: they are going to know what you are capable of; when you should be stepping it up; when you should be backing it down.  

“The technology here is state of the art technology to help guide you. All of that is individualised, and you can see where you are supposed to be, you can feel what you are supposed to be feeling and you will also hear what the coach is guiding you to do. 

“We want to build those relationships and bring communities together to get fit and have fun”. 

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Orangetheory users will have access to a variety of hour-long workout classes on different days, including sessions on endurance, strength, power and a combined class.

In each session, participants use a heart rate monitor that projects their heart rate onto a screen at the front of the gym, which changes colour depending on how fast the heart is beating.

The orange and red zones represent the heart beating at a high speed, which each participant is advised to hold for a minute before slowing down and speeding back up. 

Stats are also tracked via the Orangetheory App, where progress can be seen. 

Orangetheory are currently in their VIP period for memberships, where discounted founder memberships are offered until the end of June.

Elite Memberships include eight classes a month for £59 per month (approximately £7 per class) and Premier memberships provide unlimited classes for £89 per month.

Members have a month to month rolling contract, meaning that they are able to pause their membership if they need to, whilst retaining the discounted rate.

Each founder member will receive a welcome kit containing: Gym bag, Water bottle, Sweat Towel, Coffee Cup and an Orangetheory top. 

A free class is available if Platform Magazine is quoted in the “How did you hear about us” section when signing up.

Photos: Kieran Burt

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